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Shopping Online For Homecoming Dresses


Some girls find their dresses weeks in advance but for those who like to shop in the comfort of their home, I have created a guide to homecoming dress shopping online.

There are countless places to shop in stores but sometimes it can be hard to find the right one. Personally, I have been struggling to find my own dress this year. I’m one of those people that tends to decide on a dress the week before the dance so this is something that I have almost mastered. I don’t have any time in my schedule to go out and shop in stores so a lot of my dress shopping is during class or when I’m procrastinating to do my homework. My online shopping experience has led me to some amazing sites.


My all-time favorite online store would be REVOLVE. This website is organized and cutting edge. With more than 6,000 dress choices REVOLVE covers the style of almost every girl: the fun, flirty, conservative and more. Their dresses range from $16-$500, although most of the dresses are reasonably priced. REVOLVE includes free shipping with orders, which is very convenient.This makes it easy to look at a dress in person to see what it looks like without having to pay extra money.

Free People

Another store that I highly recommend is Free People. Free People is for the risk takers and the free spirits. It is honestly overpriced but sometimes you can find really cute things that you can’t find at other stores.If you are going to get a dress from here, you should order it a week or more in advance to see what it looks like on. I have ordered a dress from here before and instead of looking like the model I ended up looking like I made it myself, and trust me sewing is not my forte. Overall, Free People has some great dress options just make sure you take a look at the price.


If you are looking for a fast and easy way to find dresses you can download the app Poshmark. Poshmark, is an app where you can buy and sell fashion. On this app it has the option of finding new and secondhand items. They have high fashion brands like Christian Dior, Kate Spade and anything your heart desires. This is for the girl who loves to show off those name brands, I am talking to you Marc Jacobs ladies. Not only do you get to flaunt these jaw-dropping designers, you are also getting them for marked down prices. You have the option of bidding a lower price. Once you buy your item it’s shipped in less than a week, which is nice for a last minute dress shopper like myself.

Rent the Runway

A website that has recently became a big hit is Rent the Runway. This is a new way to get dresses quickly and easily. Rent the Runway is an online service that provides you the option to rent designer dresses and accessories. Rent the Runway now offers over 50,000 dresses and accessories from over 200 design partners. You order the dress of your choice and just in case that one doesn’t work they send you a back up dress. I haven’t personally ordered a dress from here but I have heard good things from people who have. They loved how the dress looked exactly like it did online and the money that they saved from renting. Most of us wear our homecoming dresses once so it is worth a shot to see how Rent the Runway works.


Another one of my go-to websites is Nordstroms. This is another website for the girls who have an eye for fashion and like more basics. They have a large selection of  different styles but this is another place you need to keep an eye out for price. I never can get a real feel of what the dresses look like on any online store so I prefer going to the Oak Park location because I’m relatively close. If you don’t have time to pop into the store I would definitely look online because they have a lot of fashionable options.


A store that I have become very fond of recently is Anthropologie. This is the place for the girls who want that put together urban mom look, but are still elegant and even a little sexy. I enjoy shopping on their website due to their appealing design and bright colors but I also love going to their store on the Plaza and Town Center as well. The scent of their candles and beautiful window displays lure you into take a look at their beautiful yet pricy products. They have a pretty conservative taste but there is a variety of choices so you might just find the dress that is perfect for you.


BCBG online is a chic store that has runway looks. These are the type of dresses that are breathtaking and one of a kind. Max Azria’s, founder of BCBG, line of dresses are very elegant and perfect for a dance because they also have a going-out flare.Dresses here can get expensive but you can occasionally get lucky when looking through their sales. Make sure to look at the price of the dress before trying it on so you don’t fall in love with a dress then realize that the price is way above your limit.

Online shopping is hard because you never know for sure if what you see online is going to be what you receive. I have had multiple cases when I have seen this adorable dress online and I end up getting a dress that is an opposite color or different length than it looked on the model. You just need to have the courage to order them and keep in mind it might not work out how you wanted it to.


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