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Meet your StuCo Reps — Q&A with four representatives

The 2019-20 StuCo class representatives were recently elected. Get to know one StuCo representative from each grade down below. 

Sean Battey (senior)

Why did you decide to run for class rep?

“I did it last year and I liked it.”

What did you like about it?

“I liked getting to make decisions, especially for planning prom. That was fun.”

Do you have any ideas about things you want to do this year? 

“We have a bunch of extra money left over from fundraising prom the last few years, so we might do a special student event like a carnival or something.”

If your life was a movie, who would star as you?

Tom Hanks.”

What would the theme song of your life be?

“‘Sicko Mode.’”

Paige Good (junior)

Why did you decide to run for class representative?

“I just really wanted to be on StuCo since freshman year and I’ve always wanted to help out with that sort of stuff.”

Who’s your celebrity crush?

“Shawn Mendes or Tom Holland.”

If you could shop for free at a store, which store would it be?

“Probably Lululemon because it’s really expensive and then you could just get anything.”

If your life was a movie, who would star as you?

“I would like to think Blake Lively or Emma Watson.”

Charlie Harmon (sophomore)

Why did you decide to run for class representative?

“I ran because I wanted to help the school and help plan all of the events that we do.”

Do you have any ideas about things you want to do this year? 

“I think we’re thinking something like a sophomore basketball tournament, getting all of the sophomores out there doing something good together.”

Who’s your celebrity crush?

“I think I’d have to go with Billie Eilish.” 

What’s your favorite song by her?

“‘bad guy.’” 

What’s your ideal pet? (no limits)

“I think my ideal pet is actually my dog Milly.”

How long do you think you would survive during a zombie apocalypse? 

“I’d go about three days until I left my house and figured out there was a zombie apocalypse and then I’d be finished off pretty quickly.”

Kurt Freeman (freshman)

Do you have any ideas of things you want to do this year on StuCo?

“I definitely want to help in the decision making part of stuff and be part of the deciding like what the theme is for homecoming and stuff like that. I want to contribute to that.”

What are you most excited for while on Student Council?

“Being involved. I want people to know like, ‘oh that’s Kurt, he did something.’”

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

“That’s a good one. Taco Bell — whatever the five dollar box is.” 

What’s your ideal pet? (no limits)

“Arctic fox. They’re really pretty.”

What’s your go-to karaoke song?

“‘Bohemian Rhapsody.’”





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