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Love Playlists: Heartbroken and Lovestruck


Whether you’re drowning yourself in pints of Ben and Jerry’s “The Tonight Dough” or selecting a treat from a gifted box of Russell Stover’s chocolates, you’ll need a playlist to match your mood. For the ghosted, cheated on and broken-hearted, I’ve put together a mixed-genre playlist with songs to match the tears in your eyes. But if you had a surefire date for WPA, your phone bill is racking up and your cheeks are constantly blushing, I’ve also got a playlist for you. Here’s my breakdown of four songs from each:

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 11.08.09 AM


Heartbreak with a modern spin. Hip-hop’s current it-boy Post Malone delivers a rhythmic, yet cry-worthy listen with “I Fall Apart.” He laments about having “never caught a feelin’ this hard” only for his girl to walk away. A melancholy melody paired with soulful lyrics will leave you reaching for tissues as you’re “whippin’ in the foreign.” If you’ve been dumped, but need to keep up a fire aux, add this Stoney mix to your playlist.


Sam Smith blesses every mascara-streaked face with “Palace.” Smith cuts deep with this soft, tortured ballad from “The Thrill of It All” about lost love. The sweet melody haunts as he sings that “real love is never a waste of time,” and listening to this record isn’t either. It may be of happiness at his honeyed vocals or sadness at his desolate words, but either way you’re bound to shed a tear.


Disclaimer: only listen to “Hurt” by Johnny Cash if you have ample alone time – you’ll need a while to recover from this anguished track. It’s just a guitar, a piano and regret. Cash owns his “empire of dirt” – the damage he’s caused everyone he loves. The verses are gloomy while a building chorus hints at hope for redemption, but the abrupt end of the song shows it’s only a fantasy. Let the wallowing begin.


“Heartbreak’s on its way” and so are the feels. Swedish singer Lotta Lindgren, known as Leon, is cheated on and left to wonder what went wrong all while her boyfriend doesn’t see her sorrow. This song is stripped down to a piano, strings and Leon’s rich alto voice, and with no embellishments, you can feel the pain of every note. It’s devastatingly beautiful, the perfect song to accompany a heartbroken ice cream-binging phase.

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 11.08.18 AMNights With You

You can’t help but sing along to “Nights With You.” MØ belts and the synthesized drums pound away throughout this sultry, pop number about loving and spending time with friends. The background becomes metallic, boosting your mood with each computer-crafted “ching.” Whether on your way to a Chipotle or Netflix date, you’ll want to roll the car windows down for this one.

May I Have This Dance

Featured in the movie “Everything, Everything,” “May I Have This Dance” is honestly everything. A marimba-like melody steadies this remix from Francis and the Lights and Chance the Rapper while quiet verses burst into a brilliant, electric chorus. Chance soothes on a soft bridge, while Francis wows throughout with vocals that ring. “Can I say something crazy? I love you!” New to love? This one’s for you.

Brown Skin Girl

Leon Bridges takes us back to ’60s with “Brown Skin Girl,” a song about a beautiful girl. His well-crafted retro sound, complete with a sax, oozes “cool.” This tune has rhythm, but thankfully lacks all the blues, and paired with Bridges’ rich baritone, you can’t help but sway. “Let me tell you, darling,” this song will make you feel that giddy, honeymoon stage feeling.


What do cocaine and love have in common? “Tuyo” by Rodrigo Amarante, the theme from Netflix’s hit show about Colombian cartels, “Narcos.” Amarante entrances with the story of an addictive, drug-like love on this track. Don’t worry, you don’t have to know Spanish to enjoy this. His husky voice hypnotizes while guitars, harmonicas and even flutes sizzle. He sings “tu el aire que respiro yo” (you’re the air that I breathe). Fitting, because “Tuyo” will take your breath away.

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