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As I’m driving home from cross country practice after a hard “Mileage Monday”, my craving strikes. Like many other girls, I have a hankering for a big ol’ wedding cake shake from Energizing, but this time I knew I couldn’t settle for my freezer-burnt Ben & Jerry’s like I usually do. Not to mention dishing out another $6.50, so I devised a recipe to make a tasty protein shake, with a twist.


Here’s all the yummy ingredients you will need:

1 frozen banana

Handful of fresh strawberries

½ cup almond milk

2 tbs vanilla whey protein powder

¼  tsp vanilla extract

1 tbs of vanilla pudding powder

A couple of ice cubes


(makes about 8 fluid ounces)

Just blend everything together and top with some rainbow sprinkles and a fun straw. Feel free to use frozen strawberries, although I have found that fresh, unfrozen ones seem to make it taste more like a true wedding cake. You can easily use chocolate milk and chocolate pudding powder to make it taste like brownie batter, or add peanut butter in the place of vanilla extract for more protein! These are great to have after a workout or to bring them to class for a breakfast on the go! Make sure to refrigerate, but do not keep for more than 12 hours. Hope you enjoy!

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