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Gallery: Winter Pep Assembly

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The first pep assembly of the year occurred during seminar yesterday, Thursday, February 17. The assembly featured performances from cheer and drill team, the introduction of a new chant, a bird box challenge, and people riding a mechanical bull. The bird box challenge was a competition between different winter sports athletes at SME. They were challenged to walk through a maze of red solo cups, eat a donut, and participate in a pillow fight all while blindfolded. Following the bird box challenge, representatives from each grade and the administration, including principal Dr. Sherman and assistant principal Mr. Haney, tried to ride a mechanical bull. During the assembly, cast members of the upcoming musical “The Little Mermaid” announced the dates and leads of the show. It was also revealed that the theme for next week’s basketball game against Rockhurst is to be chefs.

Check out this gallery on Harbie Photo to purchase pictures from this event by clicking the link below:

Winter Pep Assembly 1.17.19

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