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Featured Athlete: Victoria Yedo

What got you started playing?
My sister played volleyball, so when I was a kid I went to her practices and that got me really into it. She and my dad are my inspirations. My dad, because he’s coached me my whole entire playing volleyball except for in high school. I’ve been playing since about fourth grade.

What’s the best thing about playing volleyball at Shawnee Mission East?
The best thing about volleyball here is when you form a family, like a bond with the girls on the team, even if they leave the team or you leave the team you always have that bond.

Do you think the team’s going to do well this year?
Yeah, I really think so. We have a lot of really great players and a lot of them are club players and a third of the team is freshman, so there’s four of us.

Is it hard taking on such a large leadership role as a freshman?
Right now I am taking on a large leadership role, because two of our people are injured and one of them’s the outside, so I’m playing outside right now. Right now, we all have some kind of leadership on the team, like getting each other together after each point, trying to pick each other up so we all have some kind of leadership on the team.

What do you do to amp yourself up before a game?
We have a playlist on a CD that really amps me up before games, and then just talking with our team and really gets me ready and pumps me up. I think my favorite song on the playlist is probably Team from High School Musical.

What are your goals for the future?
I don’t know if I’m going to play into college, but I’ll definitely play into high school and keep playing on club [teams] as long as I can. My goal for this team would to be to get into state, and get as far as we possibly can, this year and the next years to come.

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