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Featured Artist: Mae Heitmann



Q: What kind of art do you make?

A: I guess drawing, and I’ve just recently started painting, like last December.

Q: What kinds of things do you draw?

A: I like to draw realistically sometimes. I don’t know, usually when I draw for school I just like to make it look realistic, but just whatever my assignment is.

Q: What do you mean by realistically?

A: If it’s drawing, sometimes if it’s in colored pencil I’ll get the shape right in it and everything, but I like to change the color around a little bit differently. I still want it to look realistic because otherwise there’s not really much of a point to drawing it. You might as well just take a picture. So that’s what I like about drawing. And I just really try to make sure that the shape of it is right so it actually looks like it should. But then just kind of change it, just a little bit and make it unique.

 Q: What times do you draw at?

A: I mean just like the afternoons and after school or sometimes I draw during classes, but I mean I don’t really do that that much. I can’t really draw for that long though. Or else I’ll get really tired of it.

Q: How did you pick up drawing?

A: I’ve always drawn, especially when I was younger. I really liked drawing then because I loved markers. Then for a while I only made artwork for school. In the recent years though, I have seen my drawings improve especially from looking at everything I draw and thinking what parts were drawn inaccurately and how I would change it if I were to draw it again. If I am drawing from a photograph I try to catch every minute difference and learn from it.


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