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Eastipedia: StuCo Room


The room next to the boys’ bathroom on the third floor with the signs can seem very imposing to the average student. That mysterious room is the Student Council room.   The executive board has their fifth hour in the StuCo room where they plan all of the upcoming events and fundraisers that are sponsored by StuCo. Student body president and senior Kyle Baker provides a look into the history of the room.

“The Stuco room that we are currently in used to be the teachers’ smoking lounge and then right outside was the students’ smoking area, which is what contributes to the smell,” said Baker. ”There is still an air conditioner from the ‘60s in there that blows out a ton of smoky air.”

The room has received a complete overhaul thanks to the current StuCo executive board, which consists of four elected students.The board successfully cleared out years of junk and achieved their goal of a clean work area for them to use to plan events.

“There are times that we are all on our computers doing work, and there are also times where we are running around the school doing things,” said Baker. ”It really depends on how many events are coming up.”

According to Baker, there is one reason that some students know where the StuCo room is: Because the Lancer of the Day prize is given out from the StuCo room. Even though the prize is given out daily, there is never a large turnout to get their prizes

“The Lancer of the Day only comes to pick up their prize about 33% of the time,” said Baker. “We would like a bigger increase, but it is fun to guess if the person will come.”

The StuCo room is not mysterious, but it is a place that people should feel welcome inside.

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