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Eastipedia: Environmental Club


The Environmental Club tries to inspire students and teachers to take action inside and outside of school in our environment. The club also works hard to educate students on the environment.

The club looks for ways to improve the circumstances of the environment in every meeting. The main goal of the club is to inform people about how to conserve the earth, as it is facing unnatural circumstances constantly such as pollution.

“It’s important for people to know about the environment because it’s where we live,” Environmental Club President Kyle Baker said. “We need to be educated about and know how to protect where we live.”

On March 28, the club’s most important project of the year is participating in the annual Prairie Village Earth Fair, an event SME and the Prairie Village Environmental and Recycle committee that informs and educates people on how to sustain an eco-friendly world. Students provide arts and crafts for kids as well as exhibits in order to celebrate nature and the environment.

“This is our biggest project of the year,” Baker said. “It’s important to continue to learn about our environment because new discoveries are happening every day.”

The club’s Vice President, senior Katharine Chester, believes that in addition to the Earth Fair, students should be using reusable water bottles. The school has supported the club by purchasing new water bottle fillers in the school water fountains.

“People need to get more involved in preserving the environment,” Chester said. “We are working to do our part in educating the community on the facts of this worldwide issue.”


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