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Breaking News: “Little Mermaid” receives eight Blue Star nominations


The cast of “The Little Mermaid” was notified of their eight Blue Star nominations on May 2. They received four individual performing roles, two scholarships and two crew awards.

The Blue Star awards are modeled after the Tony awards and are meant to recognize achievement in theatre for high school students in the Kansas City area. This is the third year in a row that East has received eight nominations, however this year they are nominated for more individual and crew awards.

Junior Janie Carr, who is nominated for her portrayal of Ariel, has been attending the awards show since sixth grade and was thrilled to find out that she had been nominated.

“Sophia and I saw our names on the banner and then we both just started crying, which was so embarrassing” Carr said. “We were really excited because neither of us had gotten one, so that was a big first for both of us. All of the work that you’ve done has paid off because you are getting recognition for it in some war.”

Winners will be announced at the awards show on May 23.


Outstanding Actress in a Lead Role – Janie Carr as Ariel

Outstanding Actress in a Supporting Role – Sophia Egan as Ursula

Outstanding Actor in a Featured Role – Aidan Connelly as Chef Louis

Outstanding Actor in a Featured Role – Reilly Kenney as Scuttle

Outstanding Lighting Design

Outstanding Technical Crew – Costume Crew

Rising Star Scholarship – Maggie Mulligan

Rising Star Scholarship – Luke Knopke


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