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Breakfastables — A Review of the New Take on Lunchables

Lunchables were my jam in fourth grade. Every time my mom made the weekly trip to Hen House, I would tag along in hopes she wouldn’t notice me sneaking the pizza one (the best one, don’t fight me) into the cart.

When I heard Lunchables had released a breakfast line of meals, I had to give it a try. I’m glad I did too — their breakfast lived up to the high expectations I’ve set for the Lunchables franchise.

Read below to see why Lunchables shouldn’t just be confined to one meal of the day:


My usual breakfast consists of a Clif bar or banana — I’m not exactly a fan of sweets first thing in the morning. Lunchables’ cinnamon roll dippers had me rethinking that character trait.

There were three mini cinnamon roll bites set in the container along with a glaze and raisins (still no clue as to why those were included). The actual bites were soft and slightly underbaked, just the way I like. Add in the marshmallow-fluff-like glaze and it was the perfect bite size breakfast.

The only drawback to the breakfastables (hoping this catches on) were the raisins. I’ve never had cinnamon rolls with raisins on them and wasn’t about to start now. However, for the sake of following the “try a bite of everything on your plate” rule, I popped a few in my mouth. They tasted exactly as I thought they would — dry and devoid of flavor.

Besides the useless raisins, the cinnamon roll dippers definitely lived up to the high expectations I have set for Lunchables. Next time my mom goes to the store, I’ll have to join her (and hope she doesn’t notice the piles of breakfast lunchables I sneak in the cart).


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Jackie Cameron

Jackie Cameron
Jackie Cameron is a junior and is going into her second year on staff as co-Assistant Online Editor. Besides Harbinger, Jackie is involved in tennis, soccer and SHARE. She enjoys iced vanilla lattes (extra shot of vanilla and light on the ice please), beating her brother in ping pong and watching reruns of The Office. »

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