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A Sucker for Socks: Carson Jones on Self-Expression Through Socks


Photos by Rachel Currie

Senior Carson Jones’ sock collection started during a his freshman year, with a single pair — teal, patterned with flamingos, from One pair turned to two when he saw the wave-patterned blue calf socks online and couldn’t resist. Pretty soon, his afternoon trips to Old Navy with his parents turned into sock-scouting adventures. Pair after pair began piling up in his dresser, until it reached the point where he had to put his socks in a separate set of drawers altogether.

Jones recently placed an order for 30 more pairs of socks, adding to his collection of nearly 100 – the evidence of 4 years of sock purchases. And, in the time spent buying these socks, Jones realized why he enjoyed wearing them.

“I really liked getting to wear fun socks everyday because it really made me stick out a little bit,” Jones said. “It gave me something unique, and I liked being able to express that through my socks.”

Now, socks are a part of his identity. Another pair to add to his collection was the obvious gift choice from his mother after Jones was nominated for homecoming king, and they’re a staple birthday-and-Christmas present among his family and friends.

He’s also a brand ambassador for the, the very website that got him hooked — although he admits that his ambassador-ship doesn’t amount to much.

“It’s not even on my Instagram bio — I’m supposed to have it on there,” Jones said. “But I’m basically supposed to promote the company, with Instagram pictures and stuff, and they will send me reference codes that I can send to people to get them to buy socks for a discounted price.”

Jones strives to match his socks to his outfits, regardless of the occasion. Whether it’s a matching shorts-and-socks combo, a pair of American flag socks for an American Revolution themed Lancer Day float, or his lucky Hawaiian socks for track meets, Jones has socks for the job.

His only stipulation? No ankle socks.

“I don’t like them at all. To me, they look kinda dumb, especially if you’re wearing tennis shoes,” Jones said. “The best part of wearing fun socks is being able to see the whole pattern of what the socks look like.”

To his friends, Jones’ brightly colored socks are simply an extension of his outgoing personality. Except for on the soccer field — where he is required to sport Lancer blue, black and white — senior Kevin Grinstead rarely sees Jones wearing socks that aren’t colorful.

“Carson is someone of immense personal expression, through the forms of art, media and fashion,” Grinstead said. “I think that’s why he wears them more than anything.”

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