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2017 Coalition Board Members Announced


Coalitions sponsor and social studies teacher David Muhammad created a bag full of different snacks related to Coalitions nickname “coco” and delivered them to the new board members in seventh hour. The new 2017 board members were announced April 6.

There are eight new members that will be added to the already-existing executive board members, making it a total of 14.

The Coalition board is for members who want to become more involved in planning what Coalition does rather than just going to the events.

“They help out with planning for events, promotional stuff, help running meetings and coming up with ideas,” Muhammad said.

The new members, all sophomore girls, include Amara Ivancic, Audrey Kesler, Carson Holtgraves, Harper Mundy, Kelly Romer, Kirsten Erickson, Lainie Tate and Madeline Hlobik.

Muhammad was originally going to only take five out of the 13 people who applied, but he felt like all of the applications were so strong, he took eight of them.

“We had an anonymous application process on the board and I was going to pick five or six, but there were just so many really good applicants who really involved this year and I didn’t want to turn them away, so I just opened it up,” Muhammad said.

New board member Kirsten Erickson explained her first week as a new Coalition board member.

“It’s been good so far,” Erickson said. “I have only been on the board for a week, although, I have already set up a meeting with Mr. Haney after school on Thursday, so I feel like I have at least done something.”
The next Coalition project involving the new board will be an all-welcome barefoot walk to Chipotle after school on May 10. While it is still in the works, it is to promote awareness for those who cannot afford shoes. Coalition members encourage anyone who wants to join to walk around school barefoot that day.

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