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Review: Zootopia


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If you were to ask me what my 10 favorites movies are, at least three of them would be Disney movies; Inside Out, Lion King and Toy Story. I’ve grown up with Disney and have carried my love for it into my high school years. So I think it’s safe to say I had high expectations going into Disney’s newest masterpiece, Zootopia.

The movie is set in the colorful city of Zootopia which to me, mirrors New York City, where anyone can be anything they want. Zootopia is home to predators as big as lions, and prey as small as mice. Everyone is living in harmony, as you would expect in a Disney movie. That is, until a problem arises for the main character Judy Hopps, an optimistic, ambitious rabbit who hopes to become the first rabbit on the Zootopia Police Department.

To keep her job, Hopps must either find a missing person, or quit the force. Paired with a cunning fox scam-artist Nick Wilde, voiced by Jason Bateman, the two make their way through Zootopia, with Wilde is trying to clear his infamous name and Hopps trying to prove herself.

The movie was sprinkled with cute and clever jokes that make both the kids and adults laugh, something all the best Disney movies need. Zootopia can be compared to some of the more recent kids’ movies like The LEGO Movie, Wreck it Ralph and Turbo, that just can’t seem to live up to some of the classics.

Zootopia kept me interested, but not engrossed. It didn’t live up to my almost impossible expectations for Disney movies. Unfortunately, this kept it from going down as a classic in my book. But if your expectations aren’t as high as mine, you certainly won’t be disappointed by it’s cleverness and sincerity.

In the end, Zootopia was the kind of movie whose plot held twists and turns that kept kids in awe, and adults entertained. The message portrayed was uplifting, reminding us that no dream is out of reach and we can be whoever we want to be.

If you have an open afternoon, or happen to be with anyone under 10 years old, I definitely recommend giving Zootopia a watch.

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