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Zeb Vermillion Arkansas Commitment Q&A


Zeb: Arkansas, Baseball

Q: What was the recruiting process like for you?

A: Basically I would go play somewhere and one of the coaches who had interest in me would give me their number. Then I would have to call them and get on a weekly basis of calling each coach and talking to them. Usually I would set up a date to go visit them and see their facilities and if I liked them.

Q: What kinds of things did you look for when talking to the coaches and visiting schools?

A: I looked for the coach’s personality, what kinds of things they offer educationally and what kind of space they had for their facilities and how good their facilities are.

Q: How did you make your decision to play for Arkansas?

A: I really liked Arkansas because it’s kind of close to home, they have great facilities and a really good program. Their coaches are amazing at what they do and they’re really nice and have good personalities.

Q: Do you think you’ll play professionally?

A: We’ll see. I just have to focus on what is now.

Q: What kinds of things have you done to get to where you are now?

A: To develop skills it doesn’t really matter where you are, it’s just how much work you put in and what your goals are. You have to set your mind to what you want to do and really work at it. Also finding a coach you like who can teach a lot, then once you have those fundamentals it’s all about getting exposed. That happens from going to a whole bunch of programs and college scouts are there at those programs to see you play.

Q: If you could change one thing about the recruiting process what would it be?

A: Being able to have the coaches call you before junior year. It’s a rule that they can’t call you before junior year, you have to call them. It’s kind of a hassle because they can’t tell you that they like you, and if you don’t know that they like you and you don’t have their number, then you can’t call them.

Q: How is signing your junior year different than if you did it your senior year?

A: Junior year you can’t really sign, you verbally commit. Then senior year you can sign, but all it does is make it so you have a locked in scholarship. If you wait until senior year, they could give your scholarship to someone else.

Q: What advice would you give to other athletes?

A: Just keep working hard and don’t focus on other people. Just try to be your best and do the best you can.


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