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Young Republican’s Club Attend Congressman’s Fundraiser


On Monday night, members of the Young Republican’s Club attended a fundraiser for Congressman Kevin Yoder, who represents the third district of Kansas. The Yoder for Congress campaign reached out to the club through a few of their student employees, who happen to be in the club.

Yoder talked about the state of his race and what he is doing to combat his Democratic opponent, Jay Sidie. He focused on the importance of keeping control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate in the case that they have to keep Hillary Clinton in check and briefly explained what Washington would look like with her at the helm. Lastly, Yoder took a few questions from donors with topics ranging from the Supreme Court to taxes.

In addition to attending the fundraiser, a handful of Young Republican’s Club members helped Yoder’s campaign by calling possible voters. At these “phone banks,” the campaign buys the club dinner in exchange for calling voters on the Congressman’s behalf.

“The club loves helping out Congressman Yoder’s campaign,” YRC President junior Jack Furla said. “As a club, we absolutely back Congressman Yoder and look forward to helping him out in the future.”

A few members of the club also work on the campaign. Juniors Matthew McGannon and Henry Stanton are in their first month of work, while Jack Furla has worked for the campaign for multiple months. Their tasks include putting up yard signs, making phone calls, canvassing on Yoder’s behalf and walking in an occasional parade.

“I have gained a lot of people skills since getting the job due to the amount of time I have spent talking to voters, whether it be on the phone or by talking to someone at the door,” Stanton said. “Working for Kevin Yoder has been a great experience.”

Congressman Yoder is in his first tight race of his career running for Congress. The race in the third district has caught the attention of many big-time campaign donors. For Sidie, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has contributed $1 million ads to help him, according to Sidie’s campaign website. In response, the Congressional Leadership Fund contributed $800,000 to help Yoder, according to the CLF’s website. The tight race is shown in a recent poll conducted by the DCCC; Yoder leads by a slim four points over Sidie.

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