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Young Republicans Club Appoints New President


Photos by Ava Simonsen

In this rocky election year, the Young Republicans Club will start fresh after the appointment of a new president. As of Aug. 23, junior Jack Furla is assuming the position after he received official word from now-graduated President Joe Mcliney. Mcliney chose Furla after watching him in previous years.

“Jack always showed a lot of interest in the club and was a serious member,” Mcliney said. “I chose him because he has always shown leadership skills and I believe he will do good things with the club.”

With the change of leadership, the Young Republicans Club is trying to turn it’s back on past controversies and look to the future with new policies aimed at inclusion.

“Under my leadership, the Young Republicans Club will be all-inclusive under one condition,” Furla said. “That condition being that you respect our views, respect fellow club members and that they contribute positively to the conversation at the meetings.”

Another addition to the club this year is the presence of guest speakers. The club executives are in contact with many government officials and prominent Republican business leaders to come speak at their events or meetings once in a while.

“We are actively trying to get important people to come speak at some meetings,” Furla said. “One person we are actively pursuing is Congressman Yoder.”

After last year’s organization problems, Furla looks to have more consistency this year in scheduling. The club plans on meeting on a biweekly basis starting after all of the paperwork is turned in for the club instead of a hodgepodge of meeting here and there. The club might occasionally meet outside of school for political activities such as sign waving or making phone calls on behalf of Republican politicians.

Something that the Young Republicans Club would like to see happen this year is a debate with the school’s Young Democrats Club, according to Furla. Even though there has been no communication between the two clubs the Young Republicans Club hopes that this will happen sooner to the election.

The new-look Young Republicans Club under Furla is looking to broaden what they do as a club and looks forward to staying connected to old members and getting to know new members.\

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