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Witt Awarded Kansas Debate Coach of the Year

Debate coach Trey Witt was recently named the Kansas Debate Coach of the Year. He was recognized at the recent Debate Coach Invitational meet that was held on Saturday, Jan. 11. This is his second time he’s been given this title.

“It’s impressive that in his relatively short coaching career, he has already received the honor twice, and I feel that the award reflects the squad’s success this year along with Mr. Witt’s commitment to provide us the tools to achieve that success,” senior Karl Walter said.

Witt has been coaching East debate for six years. He graduated from East and was the assistant coach at East while he was at the University of Kansas.

“[Mr. Witt] is pretty highly praised in the Kansas debate community and definitely deserves the recognition,” senior Utsa Ramaswami said.

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