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Vintage Pick: “Phantom of the Paradise”

A mixture of “Faustus” and “Phantom of the Opera,” 1974’s twisted “Phantom of the Paradise” combines rock and roll, do-wop and early heavy metal to create a intense horror/love story musical for the ages.

“Phantom of the Paradise” centers oncomposer Winslow Leach, the hero and phantom of the film, as he attempts to gain musical recognition and the girl of his dreams after having his music stolen by the head-honchos of the music business. When Winslow becomes horribly mangled in a record printing machine accident he winds up looking for help from the very man who has stolen and changed his life’s work, Swan (Paul Williams).

Not many films gain a cult following calling for remakes, stage adaptations and theme parks, but “Phantom of the Paradise” has managed to gain that following while also creating a musical time-capsule. Filled with beautiful music and enough surprises to keep you watching, this is one film that is highly underrated.

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