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Vines Gain Popularity as Newest Form of Social Media

Vines have become the latest form of social media, providing a way to share short video clips of just about anything. Around the country they have quickly gained popularity and been a way to show funny moments.

The weekly video announcements recently started a Vine competition where students can make funny Vines at school. The best ones get picked at the end of each week and are highlighted. The themes so far have been smevine, smehallways, smestaff, smetalent and smesports. Each one is slightly different but involves different groups in the school being funny.

“The vines have been really fun to make and everyone comes up with really creative things to do,” said junior Gracie Guignon. “Even the ones that don’t win are fun to watch on vine.”

Some of the more popular ones have come from sports teams or classes who like to brainstorm ideas as a group.

Senior Kelly Pidcoe has had hers win in every single contest so far. She aims to get her Vines on the announcements every week and continue the tradition.

Even though they are a small addition to the announcements, the Vine competition has taken over East.

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