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“Vine” App Grows in Popularity

Vine is little over a year old and it has already become one of the most popular and used applications for smart phones. This easy-to-use app lets you record six seconds of video in different segments to create funny, musical, experimental or just plain weird vines.

At first, the app allowed you to get more likes on your videos mostly because there wasn’t such thing as a “re-vine”. The re-vine lets you re-post other account’s vines onto your own account. All of your followers can see which vines you like and re-vine.

I am not trying to brag, but I used to get 100 plus likes on some of my more comedic videos. That is until kids such as Nash Grier, a 16-year-old viner, started getting thousands of re-vines on his videos that were relatable to common teenagers that made him “Vine famous”.

Is it hard to become “Vine famous” (and yes, that is a thing)? The answer is yes. Mostly because everyone is so particular on what they re-vine. It either has to be rolling on the floor laughing funny or just plain embarrassing. Many vines that do become famous are ones of babies cussing which, in my opinion, is really sad. If I was that baby and I grew up to learn that I got 400 thousand likes on me saying the f-bomb, I’m not sure if I’d laugh, be embarrassed or would I wonder if my parents spanked me or praised me.

I do have to give credit to those out there who are famous for doing amazing things with the app. Six second covers of songs have to be my favorite type of vine. I could sit and watch the same person singing the same line from a song 20 times in a row and I’m only wasting roughly 3 minutes of my life. There is one account, @UsTheDuo, a couple that only shows their nose and below, who sing beautiful covers of all the most popular songs using different instruments (my favorite being their banjo). It makes me want to go out and learn how to play something like a harmonica and then hopefully reach 1.5 million followers by doing my own rendition of “Chasing Pavements” by Adele.

As much as I believe that Vine has gone downhill in the past year, I still use the app almost every day for a good laugh in between homework and before I fall asleep. Yes, the ratio of bad to good vines is larger than it should be. I cannot deny that there are some laugh out loud funny vines. If you need something to do as you wait at your dentist appointment or in the fast food line at Taco Bell (probably why I’m at the dentist in the first place) like myself, I would suggest downloading this app. Who knows, maybe you could end up being Vine famous.

Watch Annie’s favorite Vines here:

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