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Unveiling the Unbakery: Review and Interactive

Story by Kaylin McCan

Interactive by Chloe Stanford and Kaitlin Stratman

I’m always on an adventure trying to find a new juice spot because I love the wide variety of flavors juice’s offer. I found myself near the corner of 63rd and Holmes St. on a Saturday afternoon. I scanned the entire gluten free and vegan menu trying to decide what to get. I was shocked at how healthy the ingredients of the juice were. The Unbakery and Juicery

is a fresh new organic food and juice spot that has been open for around three weeks.

This small, peculiar building with large glass windows caught my eye because of the the modernized look it has compared to the buildings around it. Walking in through the double glass doors, the fresh smell of carrots and cucumbers wafted up my nose. I was surprised by how spacious it was on the inside, compared to how small and cramped it looked on the outside.


While paying for my drink I chose a dessert. I decided to go with the apple tart because it was recommended by the lady at the counter . She said it was one of the most popular dessert items, along with the protein balls (which I have a obsession for.) When the total came up for my items, I was in shock when the price came out to be $18. I understand everything is freshly made, however it was a lot pricier than I was expecting.

The first juice I tasted was labeled “Citrus number 1” out of three options to choose from in the citrus category. From the ingredients label on the side, I was expecting it have more of a tropical, sweet taste. Yet after my first sip, I was surprised by the strong flavor of red pepper that immediately made my face scrunch. While I love all of the ingredients including coconut, water cucumber, lemon, pineapple and red pepper by themselves. The red pepper was too strong for me. The bottle was packaged nicely, and the red color was appealing to the eye. However, I wouldn’t order this juice again.


I dove into my dessert immediately because dessert is always the best, and should always be eaten first. I fell in love with the crisp texture and sweet taste of the apple tart. It reminded me of apple pie, but a much healthier version because of the organic bits and pieces of carrots. I couldn’t help but want more of the flakey crust and coconut crumbles.

DSC_4316smallHoping to find a juice that met my expectations I decided to try the “Green 3.” The very healthy but odd combination of cilantro, fennel, spinach, romaine, pineapple and kale makes up this juice. I expected a semi sweet, yet fresh taste. The first thought that popped in my head was how much it tasted like grass. The smell reminded me of a relaxing summer day, yet the drink itself was not what I was hoping for.

The juices and gluten free food options are placed in refrigerators on the left side of the building. The process is simple because I just grabbed the juice I wanted. Each juice takes around 12 hours to make because each ingredient has to be put into the juice grinder. Each 16 oz. glass bottle is divided into categories based on what ingredients and health benefits they contain.

Menus are posted throughout the Unbakery and Juicery, so you can see exactly what is in your juice or food.The downside to having pre-made juices is they sell out fast, and once they’re gone, they’re gone until the next day.I went around 1 p.m, and luckily there was still a wide variety. All I could think was how grateful I was to have one the most popular juice which is the “Citrus 1” left to try.

I would recommend this place to someone who is looking for a relaxing spot that makes you feel refreshed. It is truly organic juice, and the flavor of every ingredient is apparent. I’m a juice fanatic, but I just wanted more delectable flavors out of what I tasted, especially since the price is very high. The Unbakery is full of clean, healthy ingredients, a variety of baked goods and smiling, passionate people who spread healthy lifestyle philosophies. However, I don’t think I would go back.

Thinking about visiting the Unbakery and and Juicery? Take a look at what’s inside the juices:

Juicery Interactive

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Kaylin Mccan

Kaylin McCan is a senior at Shawnee Mission East and is the online A&E editor. This will be her second year on staff. She enjoys spending time at local coffee shops and has a weird obsession with Casey’s taco pizza. Kaylin is beyond excited to be on staff this year and can’t wait to connect with new staff members. Read Full »

Chloe Stanford

Senior, Print Feature Section Editor Chloe spends way too much of her time either eating or swimming. She works at Fairway pool during the summers. Chloe loves animals and has to save every bug that’s in danger. Her favorite thing is her dog, Charles, who is an adorable but really annoying corgi. Read Full »

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