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Two Girls One Craft: DIY Body Scrub

The holidays may be over, but the weather is still frightful. While you’re bundling up, your skin is shedding the layers, literally. Some side effects of cold weather are chattering teeth, goosebumps and worst of all, flaky skin. Chattering teeth and goosebumps are inevitable in these single digit temperatures we have here in Kansas. But dry and flaky skin can be fixed with a little help from your favorite DIY duo. Soon enough, you will have the skin of a goddess (besides the fact that it IS the dead of winter and we are all as pale as ghosts).

Now, time for the question you have all been waiting for: How? It’s easy. So easy in fact, I’m not sure if this even falls under the “DIY” category, it practically makes itself.


·         5 tbsp. Epsom salt

·         1 ½ tsp. olive oil

·         ½ tsp. 100% pure Jojoba oil

·         4 drops fragrance oil of your choice (we chose almond, lemon, and grapefruit)

  • 3 mason jars


1.       Mix salt, olive, Jojoba and fragrance oil in a jar or bowl.

DIY Body Scrub

This next step is for all of you people out there who are a little behind on giving your Christmas presents and decided this was a simple easy gift for all.

2.     Get your mason jars then scoop out the desired amount of scrub into each jar.

3.     Drop in the fragrance of your choice into each jar. Hailey and I mixed it up and did a different scent in each jar.

*Note: Depending on how strong you want your scrub to be, it may end up becoming pretty oily. That is an easy fix. Just add more of the epsom salt until you reach what you think is the perfect consistency.

DIY Body scrub 3

Told ya it was that easy.

Now that you have your very own scented body scrub, put it to use. Take it into the shower or the bath along with a wash cloth or loofa. All you have to do is scrub on your body the rinse clean with water and a washcloth or loofa.

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