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With the Emmy’s having just wrapped up, audiences are the edge of their couches, waiting for the next new big hit to premiere. The coming week is packed with television goodies. With series premieres, season premieres and all that comes with them (can you say Ashton Kutcher in “Two and a Half Men?”) you’ll need to set the TiVo and maybe even have to put the homework aside for an hour…or three.




Premiering on NBC is the highly anticipated “The Playboy Club,” a series about, you guessed it, the inner lives of the Playboy bunnies and their clients. During the 1960’s being a bunny meant freedom, money and, apparently murder. The drama promises to indulge us in the glitz and glamour of bunny life while also providing marital troubles, female liberation and, of course, lots of girls in skimpy rabbit costumes.

“The Playboy Club” will premiere with an hour and a half pilot on NBC at 9 tonight.


Also premiering Monday is “2 Broke Girls”, the new Kat Dennings (“Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist,” “The House Bunny”) sitcom about two down-and-out girls living in NYC. “2 Broke Girls” follows Dennings, a street-savvy waitress stuck dealing with the new trainee: an uptown princess who suddenly finds herself broke. With Dennings as the lead, this show has the potential to be a breakout hit of the fall season. Good thing “The Playboy Club” and “2 Broke Girls” won’t interfere with each other, I’d have a tough time choosing between the promising drama series and the Kat Dennings sitcom.

“2 Broke Girls” premieres tonight at 8:30 on Fox.


Season premieres tonight include the one-hour “How I Met Your Mother” and the most anticipated premiere of the year: “Two and a Half Men” sans Charlie Sheen, and plus Ashton Kutcher. Honestly, I’m a sucker for Ashton but I just don’t think I could handle watching “Two and a Half Men” in general. Even for him.

“How I Met Your Mother” starts at 7 and is followed by “Two and a Half Men” on CBS tonight.



After the numerous premieres Monday night, Tuesday slows down to centers on two quirky-cute Fox shows: “Glee” and the Zooey Deschanel sticom “New Girl.”


“New Girl” is about nerdy-chic Jess (Deschanel) who, after a break-up, moves in with three single dudes she finds on Craigslist. Deschanel is the epitome of the adorable indie girl and is sure to bring her natural charm to the show. Hopefully, the show will prove to be worth more than just Deshanel’s pretty face.


As a Gleek myself I am beyond excited for the season to start. Hopefully the show will include more Darren Criss, less Lea Michelle and some Jane Lynch action. After hearing that most of the current cast will soon be graduating I am looking forward to seeing how they wrap up loose ends from last season.


Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday and Thursday will be dedicated to the two-night four-hour premiere of the American version of “The X Factor.” Simon Cowell has brought his magic touch to yet another singing competition. The difference? Singers can be any age. And that’s about it, at least as far as I can tell. I don’t know why the show needs two hour episodes to set up the premise of people singing and being told yes or no, but hey, ever since Simon left “American Idol” has been lacking so I guess this will fill that void for anyone in need of a singing competition fix.

“The X Factor” premieres on Fox Wednesday and Thursday from 8 to 10.


Also on Thursday is the season premieres of “The Office” (with its new general manager), “Parks and Rec.” (one of my personal favorites) and “Community.” The Thursday night comedy plethora begins at 7 on NBC.

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