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Touchdown Tuesday: An Introduction

The true joy is the extension of family beyond blood and relatives to encompass generations from across the country. The joy of 53,000 fans, cheering and screaming along with every play, of watching 4 year old boys run around sun soaked barren fields, chasing kites.

This is why I’m cataloging my journey and the journey of my team — the Kansas State Wildcats. There will be ups and downs as the season moves on. I will experience lows such as losing to two time Division 1-AA champions by three points. However, at the same time I will feel highs such as watching Kansas State beat Texas to win the 2012 Big 12 Football Championship.

I’ll take you along with me as I travel three hours to Manhattan to cheer on the purple and white. This blog will be filled with references to various people and landmarks around Fort Snyder and Aggieville. To help you out, here is a quick guide to people and places that you can refer to for the rest of the season.

Fort Snyder, Noun: Formally named Bill Snyder Family Stadium and filled with happiness, this stadium houses close to 60,000 fans. With a newly added $90 million press box, the stadium is sporting a classic look.

Bill Snyder, Person: This man is a legend around the city. He built not only Kansas State football but also Manhattan into what it is today. After coaching the Wildcats and turning them around from 1985-2005, Snyder retired. After the wildcats went 5-7 in 2008 under Ron Prince, Snyder returned. He was able to once again resurrect the Wildcats, leading them to a rebirth in the Fiesta bowl during the 2012-2013 season.

Willie, Animal: As the mascot of the Wildcats, Willy is a key part of every Wildcat football game. From leading cheers to throwing t-shirts, Willy helps keep the fans rowdy at all home games.

Aggieville, Noun: Located in the heart of Manhattan, Aggieville is the downtown of Manhattan and the home of the college social life. Aggieville is home to not only bars and restaurants but also Barneys.

Barneys, Place: The main bookstore on campus and located in Aggieville, Barneys is filled with not only school supplies but also spirit wear. Selling t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts and other articles of clothing, the store is a must stop if you are driving through Manhattan.

With all these great places and people, Kansas State is truly unique. But even with Bill Snyder and Aggieville, Manhattan would not be the same without the family it has created. I would not love this city as much as I do without my extended family meeting up before every home game to grill up bratwursts and hamburgers. That’s what truly makes Manhattan special — family.

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