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Three Summer Makeup Palettes Review

Benefit's limited-edition holiday palette "Dallas." (Sam Granado/Dallas Morning News/MCT)

Photo courtesy of MCT campus 

With a little less than two weeks before summer, it’s time to finally fill up your makeup drawer with darker foundations and bronzers to match your summer glow – we all know you have been procrastinating since February to do this. To make your job a little easier, I have tested out and reviewed three makeup palettes perfect for summer. The look I love most? Natural and sun kissed – and these palettes will get you there. Although these palette are on the more expensive side of makeup, they will definitely not disappoint.

Natural Love Eye Shadow Collection ~ Too Faced

With 30 shades to choose from, it’s hard to not be able to find your perfect eye shadow look. This limited edition palette has plastered every beauty guru’s instagram page and makeup tutorial. It includes new shades as well as past favorites from their most beloved shadow palette. The “makeup library” comes with 7 matte, 13 shimmer and 10 sparkle shades and they advertise it as complimentary with all skin tones. When I looked at this palette for the first time, There wasn’t a single shade I didn’t like. The shades are pigmented and brush with ease onto your eyelid. I love this palette because you can create any type of eye look, from a very natural barely-even-there eye to a dark bold smokey eye.This palette costs $59, but for the vast amount of shadows you receive, it is well worth it.

Aurora Glow Kit ~ Anastasia

Highlighting is the most recent makeup craze – and I totally get why. The beautiful, shimmery colors make any highlighting palette hard to resist. For someone who is already a diehard Anastasia user (I already own two of their glow kits), as soon as I saw this one, I knew I had to continue to grow my collection. The shades, Eclipse, Luna, Spectra, Helia, Orion and Lyra, are a mix of warm and cool tones, which makes this the perfect highlighting palette. These shades bring out just enough highlight on your skin, without looking too bright. The six tones can be worn anywhere from on the highpoints of your face, to your eyelids to even your body. While some of the shades might look like something you would splatter on your face before a rave, this $40 palette proved worthy of its price.

Cheek Parade ~ Benefit Cosmetics

This palette has everything you need to create a perfect glowy look for a summer night out. The Benefit Cosmetic Cheek Parade palette includes their most popular bronzer in a light and dark shade, and three shades of blush – two of which are limited edition. All of the blushes and bronzers are matte, which is perfect for summer because shiny powders in the heat sometimes have the tendency to look more like sweat than sparkly. Each shade of blush paired well with my complexion and I would totally recommend this product to anyone. With an $145 value, this limited edition palette is $58 and well worth it.

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