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Three Reasons Why Peyton Manning Shouldn’t Play Next Season

Peyton Manning thanks for the memories.
No not really.  I used to love Peyton Manning.  He was the quarterback that every head coach looked for in the NFL and even more importantly he was the quarterback that every NFL fan looked for on their team.Earlier this week Manning decided he was going to sign with the Denver Broncos.  Not only am I bitter that he didn’t even think about the chiefs but I have also come up with a list of reasons why it doesn’t make any sense for Peyton to play in the NFL this season.

1)  Peyton played for the Colts, this was a respectable team that every year seemed to be competing for the Super Bowl.  How can you not like that combination?  The most respected quarterback in the NFL and probably the most respected team in the NFL as well.  So he trades that for the dreaded Denver Broncos.  Now again, while you read this you have to keep in mind that I am a Kansas City Chiefs fan, however I still see no reason why Peyton would want to play for Denver.  He will be joining the team that was ranked 31st out of 32 teams in receiving yards last season.  That being said this was a team that had Quarterback/Tailback Tim Tebow behind the center but even if Tebow had been an effective passer he still didn’t have any players to throw the ball to.  So reason number one: He now plays for my least favorite team in the NFL.

2)  Playing again is a smart move because he needs more money.  FALSE.  Not only does he not need more money but he absolutely does not need to be the highest paid player in NFL history.  Peyton is scheduled to play for the broncos for the next 5 years making a total of 96 million per season.  That equals out to right about 19.2 million a year.  Who could possibly be worth that, especially at the age he is at.  Reason number two: He doesn’t need more money.

3)  This next reason is called “Brett Farve Syndrome”.  Now I’m not saying that I think next season Manning is going to send explicit pictures to some 22 year old “game hostess”.  But all I will say is it’s not out of the question.  What Peyton is going through right now is a very serious case of  “Farve Syndrome”.  This medical syndrome weakens the mind’s ability to make decisions.  Last fall Peyton was forced to sit out the season because he had major spinal cord surgery.  I along with most fans of the then revered Manning said to ourselves “Well he had a great career and is a great man”.  What is funny is that I remember hundreds of people saying that about Brett Farve several years ago.  What I am trying to get at is this: Peyton Manning is 36 years old.  He just signed a ridiculously large contract that goes for the next five years.  If he plays all five of those years he will be 41 years old, his body will be falling apart, and probably be on the verge of another neck injury.  It simply does not make sense for him to risk his health or for the Broncos to bank on him for the next five years.  Reason number three:  He is getting older and needs to take better care of his body.

In the end Peyton may be successful.  To me he is still the best quarterback that I have ever watched in the NFL.  However I will never cheer for him ever again.  He is letting his ego show too far and ruining his reputation just like Brett Farve did.  I really hope Peyton retires before he does something to hurt not only his reputation but also his quality of life.  But if he doesn’t I tried to warn you Peyton.

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