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The SartorialEast is a fashion blog displaying the individual styles of students and faculty at Shawnee Mission East.

Gwen Madden:

“My style is your typical artists style, if you think of like an art college kid thats how I dress,” Junior Gwen Madden said.


Sarah Milgrim:

“My style is literally just all over the place,” Senior Sarah Milgrim said. “One day i’ll wear really minimalist outfits, all black and grey, I try to stick to a color scheme; another day I will wear polka dots on floral.”


Sadie Osborn:

“Both of my older sisters and my mom have influenced my style,” Said Sophomore Sadie Osborn. “My older sisters have a blog and so they will give me their opinions on what they think is cute, my mom just overalls a good sense of style.”


Lillian Taylor:

“My mom taught me from an early age how to dress and how to mix and match clothes,” Senior Lillian Taylor said. “I have so many jackets, I have like six different leather jackets, I have embroidered jackets, I just have to many.”


Lizzie Macadam:

“My style’s very comfortable, I wear a lot of sweaters and jeans. I ask a lot of questions in class and I don’t like walking up to the front in heels,” Freshman, Lizzie Macadam said. “I love to look on Pinterest and follow people that have more of a girly style.”


Kate Higgins:

“Booties and jeans are my go to, anything I can incorporate that with, I love,” Senior Kate Higgins said. “I like to stick with whats in style.”


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Liddy Stallard

Liddy Stallard is a junior at Shawnee Mission East and is a co-A&E-print-editor. When not basking in the sun of the open window sill in room 521, Stallard can be found practicing with the varsity Lancer Dancers in the basement or attending STUCO meetings. Liddy is excited to interact with many new people thanks to Harbinger and grow as staff member through every issue. Read Full »

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