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The Lost Angeles: Introduction



As the title says, I’m Annie, and I really, really, really love fashion. And art. And combining fashion with art to create something purely magical (well, that’s how I see it).


You may or may not know me from Instagram and my excessive posting, or the hallways when I’m the only girl during finals week not wearing leggings or even my blog – but that’s only if you’re a really cool human. Granted, you’re a really cool human if you’re reading this , and you should really check out my blog. I’ve been doing this whole fashion-blog “thing” for over six months now (actually The Lost Angeles and I just recently celebrated our six-month-aversary), and I am extremely excited to start blogging over here on the Harbinger!


Now that I’ve gotten my introduction out of the way, I’d like to tell you what I’m here to do. I’ll share my personal insight in all things I find intriguing (yes, even how to get “free stuff”) that fall under the realm of fashion, art, shopping, social media and even uncovering some of Kansas City’s coolest shops and events!


For now, I would just like to educate you on a few basic outfit-picking pointers.


1: Don’t let fashion be a burden — fashion should be fun! I have a motto, “dress well, test well,” and I swear by it. Actually, I think I scored the highest on my math test last year when I was wearing one of my favorite looks!

2: Buy jeans that are just as comfy as your leggings – or wear them so much they turn into magical leg holders that will be forever superior to your Lulu’s. True story, I actually rushed home one day to take off my leggings and pull on a pair of my favorite jeans. Spending a few extra dollars on a pair of jeans you’ll want to wear every day is worth the splurge!

3: Invest in a few cardigans and button-ups that you’ll actually want to wear at seven on a Monday morning. Nothing pulls together a look like a grey zip hoodie or a flannel button up!

4: Don’t freak about re-wearing or being judged for wearing your favorite tee twice a week. Again with the true story, in eighth grade I documented my outfits on a daily basis. It sucked. To be completely honest, no one can tell when you wear the same pair of jeans three days in a row or wear the same cardigan on Monday and Wednesday!

5: “Cute” doesn’t have to mean you’re wearing a sequin mini skirt with a designer tee. In my book, cute can be as simple as jeans and a white tee – whatever works.

I’ve collected a few of my most recent and simple looks below:


A cozy sweater automatically makes any look a good look. I paired the sweater (Topshop) with boyfriend jeans (Frame Denim) and a pair of leather oxfords (Zara) to make the look a bit more presentable.


A colored sweater is the answer to all of your outfit troubles. This dark red sweater (Urban Outfitters) automatically became the focal point of the black jeans (Zara) and booties (Urban Outfitters).


I took a simple all-black look and added a jean jacket (Zara) and suede sneakers (Nike).

Thanks for reading!

– Annie

PS – stay tuned for fun content!

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