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The Lost Angeles: 5

This past weekend, a local entrepreneur showcased his work with various local creatives and makers through the pop-up shop Made in Kansas City at Prairie Fire. A pop-up shop is a temporary retail shop, usually found in larger cities such as Los Angeles and New York City. Obviously, I was extremely excited when I found out about this three-day event through their Instagram account (@madeinkc_).

The pop-up was held at the boutique Threshing Bee in Prairie Fire. It was an intimate setting, but you could feel the creativity radiating through our local entrepreneur’s creations. Made in Kansas City is looking to open a permanent location, but until then I have created a list of my favorite vendors from the event!

Convivial Productions runs a very successful home decor and dinnerware business through Etsy and local boutiques. Their pieces are extremely geometric and clean – they perfectly match a minimalistic aesthetic. I’ve also fallen in love with Sara Cramer Jewelry throughout the years. Her beadwork is flawless – she creates beautiful collared necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. In addition, I was introduced to Sharp Tooth Studio through the pop-up. Samantha’s banners and pennants are whimsical, hilarious and the perfect addition to your room or home. I hope you go check out these artists, along with many others, on the Made in Kansas City website! Stay tuned for future details, and go give them an Instagram follow!



The first table you saw at the pop-up was scattered with various products from many of the creators.


Various Ocean and Sea t-shirts were lined up, showing Kansas City pride.


Hammerpress, Sharp Tooth Studio, Sock 101 and Future products were arranged on the right side of the pop-up.


Various creations from Sara Cramer Jewelry.


Some of the most popular Hammerpress cards.


Pop-up coordinator surrounded by various creations they were selling, including Sharp Tooth Studio and Convivial Productions products.




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