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The Harbinger discusses a possible solution for Gun Control

There has been a long debate regarding gun control. The nation has faced multiple tragedies, including four presidential deaths caused by gunmen. After the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy in 1963 and the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. five years later, the country began to look for possible solutions. After these tragic events that have forever changed the U.S., the government and people have questioned the gun control laws. And the debate has not stopped.

The citizens of the United States look again to these laws and regulations as a theatre was under attack on July 20, wounding 70 people in Aurora, Co. during a screening of “The Dark Knight Rises.” And in December, the United States reexamines the topic of gun control as another tragedy struck our nation in Newtown, Conn. as 26 people were gunned down at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

These events have shaken the U.S. and have proven that guns can be potentially dangerous in anyone’s hands. There are many ways that this issue can be addressed, some solutions stricter than others. The Harbinger believes that it is important to respect the second amendment (“right of the people to keep and bear arms”). Although the amendment states that people have the right to own a gun for their personal use, there are some regulations or laws that should be implemented to prevent future tragedies.

Banning assault weapons would require Congressional approval and would stir the gun rights groups. It would be nearly impossible for there to be a complete ban of assault weapons. Instead of banning all assault weapons, as that would be a violation to the Constitution, there should be additional background checks when guns are purchased. Background checks are required by U.S. law for all people that try to purchase firearms from federally licensed dealers. Although these checks are required by licensed dealers, there is no requirement for gun purchases made privately like guns sold at a gun show.

Every person that purchases a gun (publicly or privately) should be required to have a background check. This would limit some future deaths by preventing those that have mental disabilities or those that have criminal backgrounds from purchasing guns. It more difficult for people to get their hands on guns, but not infringe upon a person’s right to own a gun.

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