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The Crown Review

Photo Courtesy of Youtube

Photo Courtesy of Youtube

Prior to watching The Crown, the English monarchy immediately made me think of Kate Middleton’s outfits, Prince Harry’s boyish charm and Prince George’s newest baby antics. More bluntly, I quite literally knew nothing about the Monarchy itself other than what I had seen on E! News.  

A Netflix original series based on Queen Elizabeth II’s biography, The Crown, not only drew me into a world where Winston Churchill reigned and the Monarchy served as symbol of the church and unity, but educated me about an era that was almost entirely unknown to me. Although the series initially started off a bit slow, by the tenth and final episode I was completely fascinated with England and its government.  

I will admit, I found myself nodding off a bit at the beginning of the series. The heavily dialogue-driven storyline was a complete change of pace compared to many of the climactic, scandalous television shows that populate Netflix and cable TV. I felt myself getting antsy and losing focus in the first three hour-long episodes, with only the 5-star rating pushing me through as a promise that the show would soon be worth my time.

But as the show progressed, I gradually felt myself putting down my phone and becoming more invested in the character’s lives. I even found myself pausing episodes researching more about the characters, and searching their pictures to see what they actually looked like. I couldn’t satisfy my addiction for the Royal family and their private lives.

And what only further accentuated my obsession with the show, was the obvious amount of thought and detail that went into filming, costuming and set design. Many times there was black and white film intermixed within the show that added to the overall ambiance of the time. The outfits – from Queen Elizabeth’s coronation dress to Winston Churchill’s pajamas – were all intricate and reflected the fashion of upper-class England.

Depicting a time when the Monarchy and England as a country were pulled between a more progressive future and traditional roots, The Crown is a beautifully produced series that will educate and entertain.

Although The Crown isn’t for someone looking for a mindless, easy binge-watch, its worth the time and attention to watch the series. If anything, you’ll at least end up knowing more about the Royal Family and its history than just what dress Kate Middleton wore last week.

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