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The Book a Week Project: “Back to Work”

If any of you follow me on Twitter, you know how I feel about Bill Clinton. His speech at the Democratic National Convention solicited giggles and squeals from me that can only be paralleled to those of a 12-year-old One Direction fan. It was a huge stroke to the liberal ego, but it also explained in very simple terms what Democrats have done over the past four years. I loved all 49 minutes of his speech because it made so much sense to me.

When I decided to get Bill’s audiobook (I listen to them in the car and I drive a lot, okay?!), Back to Work, I was expecting even more of the liberal ego stroking. There’s a lot of that, for sure. But most of it is justified.

It’s not as much praising the politics of today, but of when Bill was in office. He talks about how when he left the White House, he had opened a path for America to transition easily into the 21st century, and how much of the progress he made was reversed in the eight years following. Being the president would be hard; being a former president, I think, would be even harder, especially if your time in office coincided with the most prosperous period for the country in a long time.

When I read political books like this, I try to relate the content with what’s happening today. One of the things that is pissing off Bill Clinton and America both these days is the lack of compromise happening on Capitol Hill. If party politics were less about being the party in power and more about getting things done, our system would be so much less of an embarrassment.

All Bill wants is to see America succeed. Back to Work I think is a must-read for anyone who wants to get an intelligent, liberal view on our government. I trust it because it’s coming from a president who didn’t piss too many people off, and who was in charge when America wasn’t in the terrible state we’re in today. We can’t have Bill for president again thanks to the darn Constitution, but following his advice would be a pretty good substitute for the man himself.

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