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The Best Bakeries in Kansas City

Dolce Baking Company

On your way into the Village for a frozen yogurt or frappuccino, it’s easy to overlook Dolce Baking Company. Nestled between Village Flower Company and Starbucks, Dolce offers a variety of cookies, cupcakes and assorted baked goods. Walking into this cheery, brightly-lit shop, you’re faced with an enticing selection that covers everything from creamy to crunchy. Their cupcakes are outstanding; they come in flavors ranging from vanilla to red velvet, chocolate to salted caramel. Being just a few short minutes from East also makes Dolce Baking Company a quick and easy option to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Great Harvest Bread Co.

Of every bakery in KC, Great Harvest Bread Co. has the most welcoming atmosphere. Located in Corinth Square, their main attractions include their bread as well as their cinnamon rolls and brownies. Great Harvest and everything in it exudes warmth. All of their breads taste hearty and delicious, as if your grandma could have made it in her own kitchen. A specific highlight is their red, white and blue bread, which works well both on its own, or spread with butter and jam. With their selection of warm breads and fresh sandwiches, Great Harvest Bread Co. is the perfect place for a rainy day snack.

The Upper Crust

Everybody loves pie; it’s a fact. But where do you get the best pies in KC? The pies at the Upper Crust are utterly superb. With crust that is crispy yet delicate, and fillings that are the perfect combination of sweet and smooth, you can’t go wrong. Having two locations, one in Westport and one in Overland Park, the Upper Crust is your best option for everything from classic apple to flamboyant lemon meringue. The shop itself is ridiculously charming, with a sign hung on the display cases proclaiming that unattended children may be baked into pies. But the Upper Crust’s pies are fan- tastic, with or without children.

Natasha’s Mulberry & Mott

If you don’t like pastel colors, chances are you won’t like Natasha’s Mulberry & Mott. With locations in Mission Farms and on the Plaza, Mulberry & Mott boasts an impressive array of cookies, pastries, marshmallows and French macarons. All of their baked goods look too pretty to taste, with some even dusted with glitter. Along with the gorgeous presentation, Natasha bakes everything in the store with a wide selection of flavors, including champagne macarons and cherry-chocolate cookies. If you’re in the mood for a sweet, elegant treat, Natasha’s Mulberry and Mott is your best bet.

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