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Teen Driver Gets Restricted License

By: Kyle Neidl

After walking to friends houses for far too many years, freshmen are starting to get their restricted licenses. When the government changed the driving age from 16 to 17, the 15 year olds right now where the first ones to wait an extra year for their full license.

The DMV said that once students are 14 they can get their permit and drive with an adult. When they turn 15, they have had their permit for at least a year, have gotten 50 driving hours, and have gone through Drivers Education class, they can get their restricted license. With a restricted license students can drive to school and work and have and 11 p.m. curfew. Then, at 17, they get their full license.

This new law angered a few people, such as freshman Sam Pottenger.

“I honestly don’t know why they did it Pottenger said. “It had been 16 for so long and it isn’t like waiting one year is going to do anything.”

Pottenger got his car last week and has been driving to school and work for less than a week.

“I only have my restricted and I already feel so much more free than I did without a car Sam said. “I can tell my parents like it too because they don’t have to take me everywhere anymore.”

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