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Sweetheart Court Nominees Announced

This year’s Sweetheart Dance nominees were woken up early this morning by StuCo representatives. They convened for a breakfast at McDonald’s and a video over the nominees will be viewed in Seminar sometime this week. There are 14 girl nominees because there was a tie for the 13th place. The nominees are as follows:

Queen Candidates:

Elizabeth Bittaker

Grace Cantril

Samie Fetzer

Liz Gray

Polly Haun

Brittany Hinote

Chloe Hubler

Gabby Magalski

Grace Pickell

Anna Sheridan

Hannah Smith

Gracie Tapp

Brennan Williams

Anne Willman


King Candidates:

Stefano Byer

Jake Crandall

Clint Dunn

Reed Harbor

David Katz

Bryce McClanahan

Connor McGannon

A.J. Orth

Mason Pashia

Jack Sernett

Scott Slapper

Vance Wentz

Troy Wilkins

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