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Stupid Cupid


In an ideal relationship, Valentine’s Day is the most important day of the year. A perfect couple goes out for a fancy breakfast or dinner, or possibly both. They express their love for each other through the purchase of $50 chocolates and impeccably arranged roses.

Chocolate and flowers have their merits, I won’t deny it. But by far the best part of the day for my significant other and me is just getting to spend it in each other’s company. We’ve been together as long as I can remember, and it’s a pretty safe bet that we’ll be together forever. Even though we spend every waking – and sleeping – moment together, we experience a different kind of togetherness on Valentine’s Day: one where we don’t interact as much with friends and family. It’s a “just us” kind of day.

We know ideal couples eat freshly baked croissants and medium-rare filet mignons, but we don’t mind not conforming to the “ideal” notion. We eat toast and Nutella and cereal for breakfast, and treat ourselves to Annie’s mac & cheese for dinner. We pass up crême brulée in favor of plain old ice cream – hey, there’s nothing wrong with simplicity.

And don’t worry – you won’t be reading about intimacy of graphic proportions as we move into the bedroom stage of the evening, because if you think my “relationship” sounds lazy and pathetic, just wait. The reality is, the only “significant other” in my life is none other than me.

How’s that for pitiful?

As a teenager who has never been in a relationship or even been asked to a dance, it’s safe to say that I don’t really count down the seconds until Valentine’s Day every year. So don’t be surprised that in fact I enjoy spending it alone, essentially doing whatever I want. It’s not like I really have any other options.

Although I wish I still got an entire shoebox of free candy every Feb. 14, weekday Valentine’s Days are often just like any other day considering we don’t pass out candy to all our classmates anymore. When it’s on a weekend, though, I do enjoy self-indulging a little bit.

I eat copious amounts of sugar for breakfast. I watch Star Wars and Titanic by myself. My solitary lunch is whatever I find in the fridge. Sometimes I even go on an actual walk – I guess looking at gray skies and skeletal trees in 30-degree weather appeals to me more than most people. Once my parents go out for dinner, I can proceed to eat an entire box of mac & cheese and three servings of Ben & Jerry’s. Books, movies and food are my only Valentine’s Day companions besides myself.

Maybe to some people spending a day like this sounds like the antithesis of the whole point of Valentine’s Day. I know it’s a little pathetic. But most of my friends are in the same romantic situation as I am so I’m not the odd one out. And anyway, who doesn’t secretly enjoy stuffing themselves with cheap candy and blubbering over Jack Dawson’s frozen body hanging in the icy water?

Don’t worry, in general I’m not such a loner. I really do enjoy all the time I can get with people I care about. But sometimes it’s nice to spend some time by myself, and I take Valentine’s Day as my yearly opportunity. Maybe if I had an actual significant other it would be different, but for now I’m happy being single.

After all, I can choose whether or not to be around my family and friends, but the only person I’m guaranteed to be spending the rest of my life with is me. And while I have yet to buy myself chocolates, there’s always a first time for everything.

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