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Students’ Snow Day Festivities

Sophomore Brennan Williams’ phone buzzes, “No school for Shawnee Mission students on February 2, 2011 due to inclement weather.” High pitched screams fill her room as she runs around her house celebrating.

For the past three days, Shawnee Mission School District has cancelled school to due inclement weather and the cold. While most were shut up in their houses, Williams was looking for entertainment. Going to her neighbors house, fellow sophomores Sam and David Stewart, she was ready to celebrate her snow day in style. Although the roads were bad, the neighbors decided to get some yummy breakfast at Krispy Kreme.

“We were crazy to go out with the roads like they were,” Williams said, “But I was dying of boredom and needed something to do.”

Williams wasn’t the only one who decided to go out that Tuesday. Juniors Droste Milledge and Connor Schrock went around shoveling driveways in the cold. They shoveled a total of seven driveways.

“We were runnin’ low on cash,” Milledge said, “so we decided to pull out the shovels and shovel some drives.”

Not everyone was able to get out and enjoy their snowday. Freshman Colin Burns stayed inside all day watching horror films such as The Saw. Sophomore Anna Colby also was cooped up all day, and had a Harry Potter marathon.

“I’m a Harry Potter fanatic,” Colby said, “And I was sick so it only made sense to crack out all the movies.”

Colby laid on the coach for a solid ten hours entranced by Harry, Hermione, and Ron. After watching five of the six movies Colby turned off the TV and decided to read. Wednesday Colby got back on her feet and played in the snow. After an intense snow ball fight against her younger brothers, Colby retreated back to the TV room to finish the movies.

Most had very uneventful snow days, locked up in their warm houses.

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