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Students Compete in FIFA Tournaments with Friends

All over the world, people sit in front of their tv and power on their xbox or playstation consoles in order to play FIFA. At East, the soccer video game has been very popular for the past couple of years.

People of all grades compete against each other, attempting to get the best Ultimate Team. Ultimate Team is the main aspect of FIFA. In Ultimate Team, you are allowed to purchase any players you want off a transfer market with coins that you have earned, in order to create your own team.

“I like Ultimate Team because I am good at trading,” junior Mark Manalo said. “So I can manipulate the transfer market and make millions of coins so I can buy whoever I want.”

Although Ultimate Team is the most popular aspect of Fifa, it has many other modes. A lot of people play the kick off mode, where you can play with any team in the game. In this mode, tournaments have became popular amongst many junior boy FIFA fans.

Sixteen junior boys are currently competing in a tournament. The “Amazing Cup” is set up in a world cup style, where there is a group stage and then rounds after that. Names were randomly drawn out of a hat to establish the groups, and then teams were drawn to assign a team to a player.

“We have started the Amazing Cup,” junior founder of the tournament Andrew Stottle said. “There are four groups of four and the top two of each group get out.”

Tournaments are one way to make playing Fifa more fun, and are an example of how Fifa is more than just a soccer video game.

Below is an example of what FIFA tournaments are like- but in this case, on a global scale. 

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