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Student Council Execs carefully plan ambitious ideas after receiving Principal Krawitz’s approval


Legends of the Hidden Temple

After a monotony of “Singled Out” get-to-know-you games, a seniors-only mixer borrowing heavily from the underground Nickelodeon TV hit will feature a near-replication in the gym of host Kirk Fogg’s cutaway jungle wonderland,   trivia, daring team feats, and of course, a dramatic finale. “Singled out was too old fashioned, we weren’t getting much participation,” Exec Treasurer Chris Melvin said. “[This year] I think a lot of kids remember watching the show. It’s more competitive, more about being a team, and it’s not as awkward.”

Roller Derby

Facing off in a high-stakes in-line competition, East’s across-the-compass rival will face the Lady Lancers this spring in a roller derby. The ladies must keep South’s finest from completing a full-circle around the rink in this irrevrant and potentially agressive challenge that makes Powerderpuff look like Marshmallow fluff. “It’s a pretty physical sport,” Exec President Joe Craig said. “It can get pretty tough.”


A long time ago, ROMP (a acronym-play on Prom with a little flair to set it apart from MORP) was the year’s premier goofy dance, but it was cancelled after attendee’s“irresponsible behavior.” With a little trust in the senior class and a big push from StuCo, the upperclassmen-only dance is coming back late winter.


Roses are red, violets are actually violet, and this Feburary, love is orange. Alongside the Valentine flower fundraiser, StuCo will sell a letter’s delivery, accompanied by a complimentary Crush, to your own crush at a dollar a pop. The twist? Receivers are able to find out who sent them their letter…but only after paying the sender’s set amount.

Drive-in Movies

Coming soon: a 16-foot-tall Jack Nicholson. This Halloween StuCo may host several nights to take a your Homecoming date on a real date by posting a ginormous screen in the junior lot and previewing the classic monster movies and a more modern horror flick. Here’s Johnny.

Stop the Bop

MMbopdobiedobiebop! The Hanson boys continue their Phish-like resurrection by  gaining buzz with a StuCo-hosted passing period anthem based on their ‘90s runaway hit “Mmmbop.” Although this decade around, the song’s stuck-in-your-head-for-eternity catchiness will betray the blondies. Students are encouraged to pay cash until the $500 goal, donated to the Johnson County Christmas Bureau for the Can Drive, is reached to “stop the bop.”


Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament

“Rock, paper, scissors, shoot? or Rock, paper, shoot?” It’s a question as old as the chicken and the egg, yet one that is a favorite excuse, most often irritatingly interjected before “best two out of three” is called. But come this official open-to-all tourney, there will be no excuses.


A tradition that heralds from last year, this year’s  bonfire will host all current athletic teams and the illustrious and ever-candid Drum Line (rumor has it they’re covering ‘Lil Wayne’s “A Milli”). But instead of last year’s one, this year will be bookended by two fires, one in the fall and one in the spring.

Music Fridays

For the kid who never wanted to grow up or wait for the E-flat bell that loves to take its sweet time: an end-of-the-week passing period schedule based on musical serieses. One week it may be Disney, the next a movie theme like the William Tell Overture. Just another reason to whisper TGIF after every class, starting second quarter.

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