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STUCO Reps Announced

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Kyle Baker (President)

How long have you been involved with Student Council (StuCO) My freshman year I was freshman class vice president, then last year I was Public Relations co-committee chair . Then this year I’m the public relations co-committee chair for the special events committee.

Have you got any ideas for next year?

I want to do more events to increase the participation for different activities, whether that’s the football games or a lesser known sport like girls swimming. I want to do things that get our school involved even if it’s not an activity you participate in, just trying to get people to go to those meets or those games and stuff like that.

What qualities make you suited for this position?

I’m good at making decisions and I’m good at organizing different events. I think that is one of the biggest things you need to be on StuCo is the ability to organize events because our main focus is just doing events for different reasons. But also just having experience for the past three years on student council will serve me well.

Stuco is holding a color run for the first time this year, is this something you plan on continuing?

Yes, we are looking to make that a tradition and this year’s execs have been working really hard on it. Next year’s execs including me have been working hard to get this started so we can continue it years to come. It goes to a really good charity The Love Fund which is underfunded right now.



Taylor Sawalich (Secretary)

Have you been involved with StuCo before?

No, actually this is my first year. I am a representative this year and I just really enjoy it so the opportunity came up for exec and I went for it.

Have you had a leadership position before?

I’m also pep exec for senior year so I have a big role with that because they knew I was going to be exec next year so they let me run a lot of the assemblies and do a lot of that stuff this year.

What changes do you hope to make next year?

I really want to get our class to come together because right now we are a very divided class and I just want us to all come together and have our senior year be really special with the color run. We want to continue that next year and also raise awareness of events going on at school and get kids more excited to participate in activities instead of skipping out on them.

What will you most enjoy about being on the exec board next year?

I really just want to get to know just as many people as I can throughout the school because this position allows me to work with every grade level and all different types of people and so we can become close and establish good relationships with not only the students but also the faculty and the other execs from the other Shawnee Mission schools.

What other clubs do you participate in?

I do pep club, and then I’m on swim team, cross country and I’m a part of International Baccalaureate program.



Sara Nestler (Vice President)

Have you been involved with StuCo before?

Ever since freshman year I got involved in it when they came to the middle schools and asked who was interested and that’s when I signed up. Freshman year I was Secretary, Sophomore year I was President and then this year I was Vice President.

Have you been working with this year’s execs at all?

Just recently we have worked closely with them because of the color run so we have gotten to know each other better but then they’re always there if you have questions. Now working to organize the color run, we have been working well together.

What do you think you are most going to enjoy about being student body Vice president?

Wow that one is tough because I believe I am truly going to enjoy everything about it. But if I had to choose a specific thing I think it would be being able to have fifth hour with the execs. I think this is where a lot of brainstorming with happen and we will be able to create new and exciting ideas to bring to east.

Are you involved in any other clubs or activities?

I am involved in basketball and have been since freshman year and share since freshman year. This year I was co-chair of a Special Olympics project.


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Laurell Stegelman (Student Body Treasurer)

Have you been involved with StuCo before?

I’ve been class treasurer my freshman, sophomore and junior year so I thought it would be a good idea to try out my senior year.

What changes are you planning on making?

More bonding activities, we really like the color run and just giving back, not only to the East community but to the community in general. We like the color run and so we hope to continue that next year .

What are you most looking forward to doing as student body treasurer?

I think it will be nicer to be more hands on with StuCo and have more things and I guess more responsibilities to do. And I guess just kind of leading all the other kids in StuCo because I mean I’ve been doing it since freshman year and it’s always been a big part of what I do at East. Not only would I like more people to know about it and get more people involved with StuCo, but just in general to lead the younger kids.

How is your role next year going to change from what you did this year?

As a class officer, you honestly don’t do a lot specific to  being a treasurer or being a secretary you know it’s just a lot more of an even roles. You all just kind of do the same thing. But as an exec you have more responsibilities specific to your actual job description or title. So next year I will actually be doing things that are related to treasury.

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