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STUCO Revises WPA Ticket Sales

As the snow keeps falling down and the rumors of snow days on Wednesday, Feb. 5 and Thursday, Feb. 6 are amounting, students have been wondering what to do about buying WPA tickets and voting for Sweetheart King and Queen.

“If we’re out the rest of the week, then [STUCO] will be selling [WPA tickets] on Friday while we are setting up for the dance and Saturday for $10 at the door,” Student Body President senior Morgan Twibell said.

However, this situation will happen only if school is canceled on both Wednesday and Thursday. As for voting for Sweetheart King and Queen, STUCO has yet to determine how students will vote if the snow days continue.

“We will have voting set up at school on Friday while we are selling tickets most likely,” Twibell said. “But unfortunately the program we use for voting doesn’t allow for anyone to be able to access it from a home computer.”

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