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StuCo Holds Annual Can Drive

Photo by Morgan Plunkett

Photo by Morgan Plunkett

StuCo’s annual can drive, now over two weeks in, is “still making huge strides towards getting more cans,” according to Senior Class Secretary Allie Libeer. The fundraiser, which began on Nov. 1, partners with the Johnson County Christmas Bureau to curb hunger in Johnson County and provide holiday meals for families in need.

According to Student Body President Mazie Brooke, the final goal is 25,000 cans, but Brooke says that may need to be revised seeing that the competition ends Nov. 22. StuCo has raised around 2,500 cans so far and is hoping to beat the other Shawnee Mission schools.

“East has [traditionally] brought in the most cans out of everyone in the district, except for the last couple of years,” Brooke said. “[This year] we’re trying to get back on top.”

In an attempt to better motivate and organize students to bring in cans, StuCo seniors divided the drive into individual competitions between various school groups. This includes competitions between soccer vs. football competition, Harbinger vs. Hauberk and cheer vs. drill team.

So far, no results are in except for the football and soccer teams, in which the football team won 71-63. The drill team is hoping to see large numbers roll in by the end of the week.

“We are setting up a reward system in order to motivate people,” senior Drill Team Captain Anna Dierks said. “Every 20 cans equals one reward point to use if you get a demerit.”

Other grades are also organizing events that will help spark student involvement in the can drive. This has included trick-or-treating for cans and a fourth and fifth hour mac and cheese competition. Sophomore students have been “flamingoing” — a process that involves sticking plastic flamingoes in other students’ yards — to gain support for their grade’s cause. Yesterday, junior StuCo members handed out donuts in exchange for cans before school.

Throughout the week, the teams will continue to bring in cans and work towards the 25,000 goal with their eyes locked on raising school involvement and helping the Johnson County community.

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