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For those of you who have watched just about every Netflix series out there, whether it’s during a boring class or late at night while procrastinating homework, I have good news for you. Netflix is releasing new content, both new seasons and some new original Netflix shows. With all these new shows and seasons coming out that means no more suffering through boring classes. Now you will not have to struggle through your day without repeating any shows you have already watched.

Netflix posted the release dates for shows that are coming out in 2016. Here is a breakdown of what how to watch based on your own personality. I am sure that there is a show for everyone.

For the person who wants to relive their childhood: Fuller House, Season 1

Fuller House is the sequel to Full House which aired on ABC from 1987 to 1995. This time, the characters all rejoin with their own children. Fuller House will be based around the same premise as Full House – documenting the lives of the Tanner family, with humor mixed in between.

Junior Elyse Chinnock is anxiously awaiting the premiere which is on Feb. 26.

“I am very excited to see how the characters interact with each other now as they are older,” Chinnock said.

Fuller House will have all the characters back except for  Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. The Olsen twins decided to not be a part of the new show because the timing didn’t work well with their lives. The twins switched off playing Michelle Tanner in Full House. Full House was a very popular show airing eight seasons with total of 192 episodes. Fuller House currently has 13 episodes to keep you busy, but they are planning to make more seasons to follow.

This show is perfect to relive those days when Full House was on at 10 p.m. and your parents actually let you stay up late to watch it. If you need a show to watch to help you relive those late childhood nights, this show is the perfect one for you.

For the person who wants to like politics: House of Cards, Season 4

Winning both Emmy and Golden Globe awards, House of Cards has proven to be a political thrill ride for a wide variety of viewers. The series is filled with drama surrounding the life of Congressman Frank Underwood, who is played by Kevin Spacey. Season three, the last season to air, ended on a cliffhanger with Claire Underwood, Frank’s wife, keeping viewers on their toes as to what season four will bring. The first season was filled with intensity and drama but the next two seasons slowed down and became more about politics. The fourth season airs on March 4 and senior Callie McPhail hopes for it to be filled with dramatic plot twists occurring between Claire and Frank.

“My dad and I are making bets as to what will happen in Season four,” McPhail said. “I really want something dramatic to happen between Frank and Claire.”

This is a good series to start, if you haven’t already, for both the political enthusiast as well as someone who just wants a show that keep them from getting any sleep at night.

For the person who likes to see a white girl survive prison: Orange is the New Black, Season 4

When people first watch Orange is the New Black, I hear them say, “Oh wow there were too many girl on girl scenes,” or “I wasn’t really that into it from the first episode,” but if you give it a chance, it will entice you to push off your homework after watching an episode. I finished all three seasons within about a month or so. Orange is the New Black gets the attention of people based on the premise of a seemingly normal 28 year old woman who has to go to jail for drug smuggling. The viewer gets to watch how she interacts with other inmates and vice versa. The episodes tend to go fairly quickly once you get into them – binge watching this show is perfect with all the drama that goes on inside the prison.

It is a quirky, weird, funny, with mostly female characters, but somehow inmates continue to get into fights causing you to stare into the bright screen for hours on end. Season four airs on June 17, which sophomore Addie Von Drehle couldn’t be more excited about.

“I am left with unanswered questions from the last seasons,” Von Drehle said. “I am thrilled to see what the writers have in store to keep the plot twists coming.”

For the person who can watch a series in one afternoon: Narcos, Season 2

Narcos covers the hunt the hunt for Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar and everything in between. The first season has 10 episodes at one hour each episode that many can finish in one binge-watching session, that is only ten hours out of one day. The second season will be jam packed with action and cliff hangers. This show is very relevant for students as well. Junior Maddie Housh began watching this show and made the connection from Steve Klein’s Honors World Regional Studies class from freshman year.

“I am really looking forward to the turn of events that will happen with Escobar,” Housh said. “In the last season Escobar nearly escaped the DEA so I am pumped to see what happens.”

The show takes place all over Latin America, and carries over into Mexico and the U.S. If you choose to watch this show it will keep you on your toes and it will help you learn some Spanish along the way. There are subtitles at the bottom of the screen while they are speaking fluent Spanish, but that helps keep the tone of the plot relevant.

“Sadly, it airs in August and I will be on my AMIGOS trip, but when I get back I will be able to understand most of the Spanish,” Housh said.

The new Netflix seasons and shows have many people waiting for them to air. Hoping that their expectations are met, these shows will be filled with drama, action, laughter and many late nights watching that one next episode.

Thank the lord for Netflix unveiling new shows in the coming year. Everyone can find their show, whether it be for the person who wants to remember staying up past their bedtime watching Full House or the one who wants to pretend they are a DEA agent trying to stop the drug cartel. Netflix shows in 2016 will cause many to be glued to their screen.

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