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Staffer Shares Love of Beyoncé

The lights faded for halftime, a fire blazed from the stage and at that very moment, I first recognized the love of my life.

Beyoncé’s electrifying Super Bowl XLVII performance nearly broke my heart along with the lights in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. And quite frankly, my mind couldn’t have been farther from the competition that had just recessed.

It isn’t easy articulating my affection for my celebrity heartthrob, yet that night I felt a connection with her, much like the bond shared between a man and a certain baby Clydesdale horse.

Watching her violently tangled hair flipping seductively and passionately to the rhythm as she spilled out her soul through the lyrics, I fell even more hopelessly in love with her.

Despite my unanswered prayers for a Janet Jackson esque wardrobe malfunction, at least I have the satisfaction of knowing the majority of the kisses she blew out into the screaming crowd that night were intended for me.

Beyoncé first caught my attention with her glistening beauty and vocal aptitude in the DirectTV commercial performing her song “Upgrade U.” Now she taunts me with her songs “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it)”, “Irreplaceable” and my personal favorite, “Irreemplazable”, her entirely Spanish recorded album in collaboration with Shakira.

I love her. And yes, I know love is a very strong word.

I’ll be there for her through the thick and thin (though I much prefer thin), I’ll be there when her singles no longer go platinum, I’ll be there when she is no longer the most gorgeous seductress attending the Grammy’s and I’ll even be there for her when she can no longer “Say My Name.”

Sadly, we’ll have to push back the wedding date because Beyoncé’s recently announced tour caused too many scheduling conflicts.

Although the tour bus may not have a stop scheduled for KC, I’m confident she’ll come visit me because everyone knows she can’t have “sweet dreams or beautiful nightmares” without seeing my wonderful smile every once in awhile.

Beyoncé and I have a lot in common. She has an obsession with the number 4 and even named an album because of it. Her birthday is Sept. 4, her current husband’s is Dec. 4 and her mother’s is Jan. 4. Coincidentally my birthday is October 28, which obviously is divisible by four.

When I miss her too much while she’s on the road and my hour-long phone conversations with her voicemail don’t suffice, I find myself curled up in the couch with tears in my eyes, violently devouring a box of chocolate while watching Beyoncé’s HBO documentary “Life is But a Dream”, that aired Feb 16.

I mean, I guess there is one obstacle to our love affair.

She might be married to rapping superstar Jay-Z and I guess it could be Destiny that they have a Child. Honestly, what does Jay-Z have that I don’t, besides 17 Grammys, part ownership of the Brooklyn Nets and $475 million? If you check out my Soundcloud you would know I have several Grammys on the way, and I may not be in the NBA but i was almost inducted to the GABL All-Star Team in 8th grade.

Beyoncé, if you’re reading this like I know you read all of my articles, I’m Crazy In Love with you.

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