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Staffer Anticipates New “American Horror Story” Season


If you’ve ever been a fan of FOX’s Glee, you’re probably going to want to sit down if you don’t already know that the same person who made that hit show is also the brains behind the most twisted, dark (yet hilarious) show I’ve ever seen: American Horror Story.

Just call me an AHS disciple; I’ve followed, been obsessed with and practically preached this show since the beginning…and I’m not exaggerating when I say I preach it. I’ve single-handedly gotten a vast majority of my friends either A: hooked on it or B: to like me about 50 percent less because I never shut up about it…with reason though.

Always stacked with a kick-butt cast, the show is full of humor, wit and horror. New viewers never have to worry about getting caught up with seasons because of the way the anthology is set up; each season consists of 12-13 episodes with a completely different theme and set of characters.

So far three thrilling seasons have left viewers hiding underneath their blanket every night. “Murder House”, “Asylum”, “Coven”, and now, season 4: “FREAK SHOW.” Set in the 1950’s, Jessica Lange will make her last appearance on the show as a German woman who manages a “freak show” in the U.S.

But Lange isn’t the only star in this power cast. Kathy Bates, Angela Basset, Evan Peters and Emma Roberts are only a few of the returning faces that viewers will be seeing a whole new side of this season.

If you’re a lovey-dovey type of person, an appetite-throwing gory type of guy or scary movie cook like myself, this show hits the mark. Hitting on voodoo, zombies, aliens, Nazi’s and all things paranormal, I’m curious to see where the producers take this season. That being said, I have exceedingly high expectations for it. Matching and topping their previous seasons will be a challenge- but nothing the masterminds can’t handle.

Tune into FX this October to get your “freak” on.

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