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Staff Picks: April 3

Susannah Mitchell

Online Co-Editor-in-Chief

In my experience, a lot of women learn to feel ashamed of their bodies as they grow up. This starts either as a child or in adolescence, or in my case, that feeling of shame has always been there. The What’s Underneath Project, created by Style Like U, perfectly shows the vulnerability and beauty in everyone’s body. The founders of Style Like U, mother-daughter duo Elisa and Lily, take an artist, take them to a studio and interview them about their their life and their experiences as they strip down to their underwear. The Project shows what it’s like to reveal your vulnerability to the world, or at least the Internet, and the beauty that can come with that.

Julia Poe

Online Co-Editor-in-Chief


ProPublica is a journalism organization that publishes and engages in pieces that challenge and expose corruption and abuses of power throughout the country. In this piece, the organization takes apart a group home in California that was meant to help troubled children, and instead introduced them to a world of rape, drugs and disorder. This piece is gritty. It hurts to read. But it’s important because it sheds light on the fear and insecurity that exists in the lives of children who are struggling to find themselves at a young age.

Morgan Krakow

Print Co-Editor-in-Chief


Oftentimes, we get caught up in believing that there is no change possible in a certain system. No other system is this more true of than the American medical system. We accept things at face value and don’t question them, especially when it comes to medical records. This article follows a medical student in his quest for his own medical records, which ultimately led to his push for tests that discovered a brain tumor.



Phoebe Aguiar

Print Art & Design Editor

Monday, March 30 marked 10 years since the celebrated standup comedian Mitch Hedberg died of a drug overdose. Mitch Hedberg is one of my favorite comedians, which speaks volumes about the quality of comedian he was. This article from Vice discusses Hedberg’s legacy within the comedy community.



Tommy Sherk

Assistant Print Co-Editor

This quick video shows a prototype 3D printer that literally pulls objects from 100 percent liquid in a matter of minutes. I agree with them — this technology is as magical as what happens in “Terminator 2,” no matter how clearly they explain it. Over the past year, I’ve seen dozens of videos showing a huge range of 3D printing technology prototypes, all completely different and amazing. The range of prototype videos I’ve watched foreshadow the massive impact and technological evolution that 3D printers will have in society, and I can’t wait.

Sims-3Katharine Swindells

Online Co-Head Copy Editor

I died reading this article, which recounts some of the most messed up things people have done on the video game “The Sims.” My personal favorites are the gamer who created a sweatshop of slave-artists in the basement, and the guy who seduced a man and killed him so that he could marry his wife.

Mike Thibodeau

Online Co-Head Copy Editor

For all of the Super Smash Brothers fans out there, Nintendo came out with some big news this week. Two challengers are returning: Lucas, and the long-awaited Mewtwo. But the bigger news is that Nintendo is letting fans pick the next character to join the game. I put my vote in for Blaziken from “Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire,” but you can put anybody’s name in. Follow the link here to vote for the next character you want to see in the game.

Celia Hack

Online Opinions Editor

French lawmakers are working to ban websites that glorify anorexia and excessive thinness. It’s so important that people who have the ability to make real change happen work to put an end to eating disorders.

Katie Lamar

Online Photo Co-Editor

For the past five years, my dad and I have taken a trip for my birthday. He has always been a strong believer in spending money on experiences rather than things, and this article gives hard evidence on why this theory is true.

Sean Overton

A&E Editor 

In this video, Anna Wintour talks about how individuality is coming back into the latest fashion season, fall 2015. She says that even though there are trends that last, they are not what is important. Individuality and being beyond the trend is what makes a line legendary. This is a great opportunity to see how the fashion industry works, and what is current from the editor of Vogue. Wintour controls the industry.

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