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Staff Picks: April 17

Susannah Mitchell

Online Co-Editor-in-Chief

I love podcasts. If I were to be completely honest with myself, I probably spend about 15+ hours a week listening to them. One of my podcast staples, and one of the shorter ones I subscribe to, is StoryCorps. The premise of the podcast is that anyone, anywhere can interview someone they share a connection with to give insight into the depth of relationships. The most recent StoryCorps interview features a Wyoming man, Sissy Goodwin, and his wife Vickie. Sissy wears dresses and skirts and, as a straight man, has been ridiculed because of this for decades. At the heart of the seven-or-so minute long interview is the fact that, in our lives, the way we present ourselves to others doesn’t really matter. What matters is the love we share in spite of it.

Mike Thibodeau

Online Co-Head Copy Editorimage.adapt.445.low.corporations_starbucks_a-1

The fact that corporations can claim that they’re people is ridiculous. And the fact that they claim that they’re being bullied is absolutely absurd. This is a fantastic editorial by Malcolm Harris of Al Jazeera America on corporations being “bullied” and why that is both utterly ludicrous and incredibly hypocritical.

Katharine Swindells

Online Co-Head Copy Editor

For anyone who doesn’t know me, I basically have two defining character traits: one, I’m super into politics, and two, I’m British. So over the next month you’ll probably see me walking around frantically muttering as I check my phone, because the U.K. is currently in the lead up to our general election. And to say I’m stressed about it would be an understatement. So, to help you understand my nervousness, I found this cute, short video from the BBC that gives a nice overview of how the elections system works. And if you ever want an hour-long lecture on the rise of modern fascism in Europe, you know where to find me.

Michael Kraske

Online Sports Co-Editor



It seems like NFL players keep getting in more and more trouble, resulting in increasingly worse allegations. And last Thursday morning, jurors in the Aaron Hernandez murder case found him guilty of first-degree murder.



Leah O’Connor

Podcast Editorenhanced-buzz-wide-3906-1429162137-16

I’ve seen this kind of thing before, where British people label the U.S. map and vice versa, so it was cool to see it from an Australian perspective. In school we all learn about the world, but how well we actually know the world is another story, and I find it pretty funny.

Will Clough

Online News Editor

Going on a short run around the block is always a great way to get active and clear yourrun_512 head. Sometimes it’s nice to do something familiar, but if you’re looking for a way to switch up your traditional route, Map My Run is the perfect way to find a new road to run down. You can customize it by distance and location and it will help you find the perfect route to relax while getting a few miles in.

Celia Hack

Online Opinions Editor

This project challenged one couple from Sydney to travel around the world on a $40 a day budget and to film one mini documentary each day. Every day they would seek out a stranger and make a video about them, trying to make a storyline around each person after only a day’s worth of interviews . These type of projects are so important to help people around the world understand each other’s cultures and generally to spread knowledge and happiness. Just recently, the couple finished the 365 days and posted an ending video of themselves.

Sean Overtonimg-broken-down-3_162430790086

A&E Editor 

Every fashion lover knows that couture is one of the most important, respected and timeless art forms encompassed by fashion. Over the years it has been easy to slip away from true art in fashion and design, but in this new series, a shattered perception of couture by a new generation of anti-establishment designers gives a perspective of how couture has sort of been lost.


Matt Kaplan

Eastipedia Editor

We’ve all been thinking in the back of our heads for the longest time now that Hillary Clinton could in fact be the next president of the United States of America. Well, with her campaign for the 2016 election focusing on “Meeting Hillary Clinton,” you can see that there is a whole new side to Hillary. And in this election, it’s clear that she cares more about the voters than the votes themselves.


Stella Braly

Homegrown Editor

Local attorney Josh Loevy is trying to make TV shows and movies include versions with audio descriptions for the visually impaired. Netflix recently announced that they will be adding audio descriptions to their new series “Daredevil,” and has said that they will be adding more soon. Loevy hopes to make movies and shows a more inclusive pastime.


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