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Springing into Fashion

Semi Formal Dinner

Semi-Foswagrmal is a loose term that could be used to describe a work party, friend’s birthday dinner, graduation party. You don’t want to be too casual in jeans, but certainly not decked out in stilettos and a corsage. Typically for girls, a cocktail dress is required, or even a dressy pantsuit. Semi-Formal also requires nicer fabrics such as silk, cashmere and nicer polyesters. Try something different than just a blouse, white jeans and wedges — that
look is as worn out as your white Converse.

A fun dinner with friends is the perfect time to push boundaries. Typically girls wear a dress and maybe a simple cardigan. One way to look flyer than all your friends is a silk pantsuit. Then play with unique shoes. Something that makes a statement would be jelly heels, heeled ankle boots or vintage style wedges. Another thing you can do is to wear more simple, solid colors with your clothing then spice it up with jewelry.





Music Festival

whyTo show up to Coachella or Lollapalooza, and not look like a basic 2012 Kendall Jenner, you want to create a bomb, free-spirited look that makes you feel like Queen-B, without being totally pretentious.
First, no cut-off high waisted shorts. It’s time for us to put away our eighth grade DIY shorts. Also no bind is on your forehead, because that is a symbol in the Hindu religion. So if you are not Hindu it is cultural appropriation; eye jewels, however, are completely OK. Lastly no flower crowns, unless you wish to be stuck in wanna-be tumblr girl world forever.

Now that you know what is bleh, something dope you do need is a pair of statement piece sunglasses. Then you’ll have that baddy-chick vibe going on. Aside from sunglasses you want to wear an outfit that allows you to twerk and shake. A long flowy shawl or cardigan that has lace, embroidery or fringe on it. This not only makes you look flossy, but it has also been on every runway. The shawl brings back that ‘70s Stevie Nicks feel to your look.

To look like an edgy runaway bride, flaunt a BoHo white lace dress. Or if you’re feeling the ‘80s American Apparel workout girl look, a unitard and high waisted skirt.  If none of these work the simple crop top and detailed shorts is always a good go-to-outfit. Shoe-wise, you will need something you can walk in, but also stand out. Platform sandals or cute vintage tennis shoes are versatile for any outfit. To finish your look I would add floral or metallic jewelry.


KC Sporting Game


Obviously KC pride has become a big thing whether you are from the Missouri or Kansas side. You have probably seen people wearing the Charlie Hustle shirts with the heart. These shirts are pretty standard but they are cute, soft, shrink-resistant and best of all go with everything. To get shirts similar that say “LA-KC-NY,” you can find them from The Heart, and both brands are sold at Westside Story in Kansas City Missouri’s Westside.

If you are wanting a more quality product, and are willing to spend a little more cash, check out Baldwin on the Plaza. They have dope shirts and hats that will last you a long time. Collar for Collar is another brand that donates half its profits to various KC organizations such as those helping provide blankets in a shelter, or antibiotics for the puppy ICU. Not only are these shirts comfy and chic they are also doing something good.

The last places I suggest to find all the KC garb you need is at Bunker in Westport and Raygun in the Crossroads. If you have no luck at the other places you are sure to find something, whether it’s a classic KCMO T-shirt, fun socks or a cute necklace, at those two places.

From here you can go anywhere with your look, from crazy Royals and Chiefs-themed hats to face paint. I suggest your best pair of blue jeans, a circle skirt or comfortably shorts. Shoe wise a pair of Chelsea ankle boots, or tennis shoes works. Please do not ruin this look with riding boots or cowboy boots.

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