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Spring Trends 2017

The Lacoste fashion show featured space suit-inspired apparel. It was held on Saturday, Feb. 11, 2017 at Spring Studios in lower Manhattan as part of New York Fashion Week. (Sara Bauknecht/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette/TNS)

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These random warm days in the midst of a frigid winter week get me excited for spring. For me, spring means longs walks with my dog, my neighbor’s dogwood tree blooming, the Royals starting up their season and most importantly, spring fashion. After a long winter of leggings and a sweatshirt every day, I am beyond ready to break out the spring wardrobe and scout the trends. The gods of fashion week dictate this season’s trends, so naturally I stalked Vogue, Elle, fashion blogs and any thing related to fashion to find out what was going to be in this spring.


Surprise, surprise, florals are going to be in, but these aren’t anything like your grandma’s florals. These dark florals are for the hardened romantics. Visit Zara to see some new romantic looks. Fifty shades of red and pink roses on black dresses will be popping up this summer. This pattern could be grunged up with some combat boots and eyeliner, or it could be acceptable for church with the right sweater and ballet flats. This mix of goth and feminine look is sure to be a crowd-pleaser this spring. However, if you are like me and don’t see yourself getting too invested in the floral prints for vampires, don’t worry–there is a perfect pattern for you: stripes.

It’s time for everyone to show their stripes this season. They are the unavoidable trend, as they seem to be everywhere in stores and on the runway.  There’s a style of stripe that could fit everyone’s personal taste, so I’m bound to find a stripe that fits my style. Seaside stripes that look straight off a beach umbrella will be on swimsuits and rompers for the vintage beach gal. Chunky, colorful stripes are sure to make statements and brighten up the spring wardrobe for the girls who aren’t afraid of a little color.

The most prevalent types of stripe in this season, and the one I’m most excited to try, is the banker stripe. This blue and white, business shirt stripe may sound drab, but with all the different variations–cold shoulder, ruffles, statement sleeve–it is anything but business casual. A popular way to spice up the stock-broker stripe is to add dark floral embroidery, mixing the professional with the playful. There are so many ways to spin this shirt that I am bound to fall in love with a style or two.


Thankfully, the highly overdone 90s trends of 2016 are coming to an end. I am completely and totally over the cliché chokers and velvet. It is time to move further back in time to the 80s. This won’t be the crazy neon 80s with leg warmers and blue eyeshadow–think more of a Stranger Things style. Big shoulders, statement sleeves and unitards became trendy in 2016, but this year they will be taken up a notch. Miniskirts, graphic tees, denim jackets and big earrings will be on the scene this spring. I never imagined rocking 80s trends without looking like I’m dressed up for Halloween, but these pieces give a slight throwback to the 80s without overdoing it.


According to the runway and Pantone, who sets the color trends, primrose yellow and pink are the surprising colors for this season–gag. I am just really not a fan of wearing either of those colors because they wash me out, but mixed with the right balance of neutral colors it could be OK. A flowy yellow top mixed with paper bag khaki shorts is something I could get behind. Even though green and pink is a little too preppy for my taste, on a beautiful spring day or around Easter it could be charming. While yellow and pink are the poppy colors for the season, khaki and kale green will be the neutral colors taking over. Khaki and olive spawned from the utilitarian style movement, and will be a different tone set in comparison to this winter’s gray and black. Black is another neutral that is always in, but it is taking a setback. After a winter of black on black everything, shades of blue will be taking over for a lighter spring look. For more color inspo visit Pantone to see color combinations for the spring.


While over-the-top sleeves will still be top dog, statement waists are going to rise up. Folded over waists and paper bag shorts will be a must have this summer to glam up boring old waistlines. The white shirt dress is sure to be something that will come in handy this summer because of its versatility. It is simply classy and eye catching without drawing too much attention. The replacement for the buttoned up jean skirt is the modern overall dress. It is late 70s vintage with a twist and takes last season’s skirt to the next level.


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